The Low Down(er)

**Foul language alert** I’ve had some shitty lows lately. Some no good, bottom out, ass-kicking, still-reeling-later lows. Like on Saturday morning, for example. I felt a little extra groggy when I woke up, but took a shower anyways. By the time I got out and realized this wasn’t just lack of sleep, I was 39mg/dL. Or […]

A Complicated Reaction

I’ve blogged a few times before about this pesky ulnar nerve problem I’m having. The ulnar nerve runs along the length of your arm, from fingertips to shoulder. And mine is…well…irritated. Which is not a good thing. I was recently tested to see if there’s any conduction issues with it, and I came back showing […]

Lower it to lose it?

I don’t know if it’s the fact that the last official weekend of summer is coming soon (yikes!), or if folks are suddenly inspired to get fit for the fall, but I’ve received quite a few emails recently from readers asking about the best ways to lose weight. Traditionally, the advice has always been to […]

Your guess is as good as mine.

Yesterday I went to my endocrinologist’s office to get an A1c blood draw in anticipation of my appointment next week. Last time I was in there, I was pleasantly surprised with a 6.3% A1c, and although I’d like to think I’m still in the same range, I’ve got a confession to make: I have no […]

The Wind Up

Baseball players do their little shuffle in the batters box. Tennis players give a nervous twirl to their rackets. Call it a wind-up, a superstition, an idiosyncrasy, nervous tic, whatever it is, lots of athletes have them. And you know what? I think people with diabetes do too… Think about it and you’ll know what […]

Gadget dreams…

We all day dream about new toys we’d buy ourselves if we had the disposable income to do so. The other day, I found myself daydreaming about and iPad. I could check my Facebook from the couch…from the car…anywhere really… I thought to myself. It would be so good for traveling too…I continued in my […]

More than the ‘betes.

I live what I consider to be a normal life of a 28 year old – it just so happens that I have diabetes. And all of us who have this disease in their life have a tendency to look at things “through the diabetic lens” more often and not. So it wasn’t surprising that […]

Lance a lot? Or not really?

There I was, digging in my bag o’ diabetes bits, fishing for a lancet.  After searching through the cavernous beast known as my purse for a while, I finally felt my fingers close around one last lonely lancet. It was smushed in the corner of my bag, as if it had been hiding from me in that dark […]

Something fishy…

When it comes to food and diabetes, I’m a believer that nothing is permanently “off limits” with this disease. Every person with diabetes has been asked the question “are you allowed to eat that?,” which is usually accompanied by a judging look and skeptical tone, and often asked just as the forkful of carmel-brownie-fudge-sundae is […]

How on earth…?

Us folks with diabetes can be a little…messy sometimes. Try as we might, this disease involves a lot of stuff, and sometimes, despite our best attempts, our stuff gets away from us. Especially test strips. Who hasn’t found a wayward strip on the floor of the car, or wedged in between the couch cushions? Heck, […]