It’s all in the timing…

Happy Friday party people! We made it. I love diabetes gadgets – I’ve practically turned myself into a robot these days because I love them so much. So when the makers of Timesulin contacted me about their insulin pen caps that remind folks when they last dosed, I just had to know more. Back in […]

Bad Gadget.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my DexCom. I love it so much I keep it in a funny little wetsuit at all times to protect it from myself. But occasionally, when I get a bad sensor, I really don’t like my little Dex. Crap sensors are far and few between, but the DexCom has […]

A pain in the pod…and CGM.

I popped out of my front door bright and early yesterday morning to go running, my footie shoes strapped on, birds chirping, and myself, already one espresso deep. I live on a large hill which I have to descend to get down to the running paths by the beach, so I slowed my pace to be […]

Powered up.

If you open up my glove compartment, you’ll find some of the usual fare – car manual, insurance, registration, extra shades, and….batteries. Yep. That’s right. I keep AAA batteries in my glove box because recently, the controller for my OmniPod insulin pump has been going dark on me. No warning, no “low battery,” nothing. I […]

The Art of the Pump Break

Memorial Day weekend was a good reminder to me that bathing suit season is coming up, and along with the obligatory five pounds I try to lose every year for this season, I also started thinking about summertime pump breaks. I don’t mind wearing my pump at the beach – people tend to take a look, […]

A sensor saved is a sensor earned…or something like that…

What’s that you say? That looks a little…ghetto? Nah. That’s called being dia-frugal. We don’t waste supplies because, hey, we’re expensive people! So if I can make a DexCom sensor stretch past its normal seven days, I feel good about it. And I wear that medical tape loud and proud!

Stylin’ little CGM!

There was one unsung hero I forgot to thank in yesterday’s Ode to Tour de Cure: my new little DexCom, who arrived via FedEx two-day shipping last week, just in time for the ride. The Dex was so needed for my marathon day on Saturday – getting up at 3:30am, setting up the event, adrenaline […]

Gadget dreams…

We all day dream about new toys we’d buy ourselves if we had the disposable income to do so. The other day, I found myself daydreaming about and iPad. I could check my Facebook from the couch…from the car…anywhere really… I thought to myself. It would be so good for traveling too…I continued in my […]

Lance a lot? Or not really?

There I was, digging in my bag o’ diabetes bits, fishing for a lancet.  After searching through the cavernous beast known as my purse for a while, I finally felt my fingers close around one last lonely lancet. It was smushed in the corner of my bag, as if it had been hiding from me in that dark […]

Runnin’ low on real estate.

Right now, there’s an OmniPod on my back that hurts if I lean back in my car seat too much. I had to put that pod over an infusion site that wasn’t totally healed yet. And my DexCom seems to be in the perfect spot right now to irritate the site when I sleep on it. Why […]