The little things

Diabetes Day-Makers.

There are a  few things in our weird little diabetes world that give us an odd sense of satisfaction. Things that folks without this disease just can’t appreciate like we do. For example, seeing a fresh supply of insulin filling up your butter compartment. It feels so good. So…safe, in a weird way.  Or changing […]

A short list…

Things I love about Christmas:               Things I hate about Christmas:           That’s all. 🙂


One of the greatest and most “winning” feelings to have with diabetes is when you go head to head with a beast of a meal and you get the insulin juuuuusssst right. May I present to you one of my proudest accomplishments: a 149mg/dL AFTER the feast known as Super Bowl. There were chips, pasta, […]

And for that, we thank you.

I’m the first to admit that sometimes d-blogs are a place for…grumbling. Many posts can come across as complaining because we have such specific, and oh-so-frustrating struggles with this disease on almost a daily basis. Sometimes I look back at a week’s worth of post and wonder if I have anything positive to say! Which […]

Sweet offerings…

“Hey Lex, I’ve got something to give you in my car,” my friend said with trepidation. “I hope it’s an ok gift to give it, if not it’s totally fine, you don’t have to keep it.” What could it be I wondered? What was she so concerned about? Was it an ugly Christmas sweater? Tacky […]

Giving Thanks…to the ‘betes.

It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, and with my family in town and a whole lotta eating that needs to be done, I’m going to take the next few days off. But before I peace out, I think it’s only fitting to give thanks…to diabetes. Ok, so I’m not exactly jumping with gratitude in regards to having diabetes, […]

Random Acts.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in San Diego, and there’s no better way to spend it than cruising around on my road bike. My step mom and I pumped up the tires on our bikes and hit the pavement, basking in this better-late-than-never summer weather in November. We cruised up the 101, our goal set […]

‘Betes technology: it really is the little things

Ok, I know this looks like a gratuitous shot of my backside, but trust me, there is a purpose to this photo. This, my friends, is a testament to diabetes technology. This is an illustration of just how far we have come from the days of glass syringes and glucose meters the size of generators. […]

(Ulnar) Nervous Breakdown

I recently visited my awesome hand doctor for a follow-up to the carpal tunnel surgery I had back in June. As I’ve mentioned in blog posts before, my decision to have carpal tunnel release surgery was based on the fact that I couldn’t sleep through the night due to numbness in my hands waking me […]

My Endo’s waiting room – like one giant diabetic hug.

I love the waiting room at my Endo’s office. I popped in there this morning to get my blood drawn for my A1c (aaaaahhhh!!!) in preparation for next week’s visit. I look around the room and share smiles with other people with diabetes. I see girls like me in their 20s dressed for work, with […]