And there it is.

Just like that. Just when I had started to worry that maybe all the hard work wasn’t paying off. That I was spinning my wheels. That I was going to Crazy Town, correcting 150s and 152s and counting out those exact 15 carbs for lows and trying every app in existence to get my carb […]

Dinner High.

I committed this Diabetes Awareness Month to also making it My Diabetes Awareness month, and henceforth doubling down on my d-efforts in order to get my A1c to that coveted “somewhere under 7” status. So peeps, I’m trying. And when you pay this much attention to this obnoxious disease, you start to notice patterns. Patterns that you […]

The real work is here.

For me, it actually wasn’t that hard to get my A1c down from 8% (after our return from our Asia trip) to what it is now: 7.2%. This was was accomplished by macro changes, some of them forced due to being back in the United States. For example, I went back on my pump after […]

Boo yeah! Back in range!

My endo appointment is rapidly approaching (I cannot believe it’s already been three months since the last one – it’s like I had a lot going on or something…like a wedding…). Since I’m still seeing my old endo back in San Diego (yes, I moved to Portland in April but because I have no less […]

The cold, hard logbookin’ truth!

Its that time again! My endo appointment is coming up on Monday, so I’ve started everyone’s favorite task: keeping a logbook. Yep, it’s totally annoying, incredibly mundane, but utterly awesome all at the same time. For years, I’ve always kept a week-long logbook in the days leading up to my endo appointment. I write down […]

Moving in the right direction…

Well hey there friends! What’s that you say? I haven’t had a post up since Monday? Well, there’s been a few things going on. Seriously though, all joking aside (well not all joking because it’s the only thing that will keep me sane right now), although I am extremely excited about all the adventures we […]

Numbers are up! And not in a good way…

Jacob and I successfully made the 15 hour drive to Portland from San Diego over the weekend, and now we’re camped out at his brother’s house and starting the Great Apartment Search of 2013. We’re also looking for jobs, emailing with our wedding coordinator, and catching up with folks we haven’t talked to since before […]

A1c Evolutions

I’m getting my blood drawn on Monday to find out my A1c, just as I’ve done faithfully every three months for over 10 years. I’m not nervous about this one – I’ve been working hard to reign in my control, using my CGM more closely and eating better. I think I’ll have lowered my number […]

A1C Now: For Folks of Antsy-Pants Variety

I’m having one of those three-month windows in my life where I’m entirely unsure of what my A1c test result is going to be. I’ve felt a little all over the place with my numbers lately, and feel like my A1c could reflect all that bouncing by either averaging out kind of decent, or being really […]

Burnt. But bouncing back.

I flipped through the calendar yesterday and realized I have an endo appointment and the accompanying A1c test in just three shorts weeks from now. And my reaction to that was somewhere along the lines of “fudge.” Except replace “fudge” with a totally different word that starts with “f” and you get the general idea. […]