The download upgrade.

It was the fifth night in a row I’d been woken up from a high blood sugar. Although I was glad to be woken up so I had the opportunity to fix the damage, I also enjoy sleeping through the night whenever possible. Crazy, I know. I didn’t understand why it was happening and what […]

Let’s do shots. But not THERE!

Having diabetes, whether you pump, CGM, finger-stick only or use multiple daily injections (MDI) means one thing for sure: you are a human pincushion. Talk to someone even month into their diagnosis and they will tell you they’re so used to sticks at that point that something piercing your skin becomes as regular as brushing […]

That’s entirely my fault.

Note to self: If, in the middle of the night the Dexcom beeps and tells you that you’re running HIGH, the best course of action is to get out of bed, check your blood sugar, and correct said HIGH. Poor choices include but are not limited to the following: Resetting your HIGH alarm to 250mg/dL […]

Do I take these devices, to have and to hold?

I generally use my blog for sharing stories and getting a conversation going with all of you folks about what’s going on in all of our diabetes lives. I don’t like to use my blog for crowd-sourcing, but sometimes, I just need y’all’s help. I’m having a bit of a wedding dress debacle. I’m completely […]

Smaller, and henceforth closer.

When I came back from our trip to Asia in April, I had the shiny, new Dexcom G4 waiting for me at home. Six months into using it, I love a lot of the new improvements on this device including the longer battery life and of course, the improved accuracy overall and especially in the […]

I am pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen…

Who knew that Dexcom receivers, in all their robotic fanciness were just a series of little plastic parts stuck together? Well, I now know that, as the button popped off mine yesterday. Fortunately, Dexcom has always rocked at customer service, and this time was no exception. I called them and they are shipping a new […]

This is why I rarely bother eating ice cream.

Sure, it’s delicious. And sure it’s a special treat on a super-hot-summer-time day. But the price of admission for this roller coaster really sucks. Note the huge-ass spike upon consumption of the ice cream, and the subsequent double-arrows down, rapidly progressing into a face-melting low just one hour later due to over-bolusing for the ice […]

Well, that didn’t work out…

Last night, I got one of the most annoying lows you can get (I mean, they’re ALL annoying, but some are worse than others). This was the “I’m literally about to turn out the light and go to sleep” low. You’re tired, ready for bed, teeth are brushed and the last thing you want to […]

Sound the alarm (but with a muffler please!)

Diabetes doesn’t just affect the person who has it – the people around you are also subject to diabetes ridiculousness on a regular basis. And if you happen to be on a CGM and also share a life with a significant other, they are also being “alerted” to highs, lows, rises, and falls when you […]

Anyone notice what’s wrong with this picture?

                  Um…could it be the fact that the sensor isn’t on my body anymore…but the receiver is still showing a blood sugar? I took this sensor off right before I got in the shower because it was time to change it. Since my receiver wasn’t nearby, I […]