Orange Juice Duty: a.k.a. In Praise of the Diabuddy

It was a Friday night and I’m in a crowded bar full hipsters swaying to the bass-heavy, DJ-delivered beats. My husband and I have popped in to a favorite haunt for a night cap and some people-watching. We had walked there from dinner – only a short 10 minutes – but at a brisk pace […]

Secret Honey Packs.

When I was in New Jersey a few weeks ago for a speaking engagement, I packed my “professional-looking warmest coat,” which I had not worn in at least a year (hey, it never really got that cold in San Diego…or that professional for that matter). I dressed for dinner on that Sunday night and pulled […]

Super Circus.

Jacob and I don’t keep a lot of sweet stuff around the house because, well, there’s the whole diabetes thing and because he’s the most supportive husband ever. By not even keeping cookies and ice cream and things like that in the house, I’m never tempted to indulge just because it’s there. Of course, I […]

Well, that didn’t work out…

Last night, I got one of the most annoying lows you can get (I mean, they’re ALL annoying, but some are worse than others). This was the “I’m literally about to turn out the light and go to sleep” low. You’re tired, ready for bed, teeth are brushed and the last thing you want to […]

I’ll take this over orange juice any day….

You know those days when you’re low and there’s nothing good to eat in the house so you find yourself licking the bottom of a empy jar of glucose tabs because at least the powder kind of tastes like some warped version of a SweetTart? Well, this wasn’t that day. This was the day after Thanksgiving […]

Low logistics

I just refreshed my stash of low BG fix-its for the car yesterday. I like to get treats that taste good, but not so good that I want to eat them all the time. I also like candy that contains very specific carbohydrate counts so I can dole out as close to 15 grams as […]

Fol(low)the leader.

We all know the likely culprits of lows: over-shooting a carb count and over-bolusing is a big one. Intense exercise or extended exercise is another. Sometimes being ill can cause wide swings in BGs which we over-correct and then bottom out from, especially if you can’t keep anything down. But there’s one major predictor of […]

Hyperglycemia Phobia: When tight control becomes dangerous

A friend of mine I’ve known for years has a problem with lows. He’s had diabetes for a almost three decades, and many scary low experiences. He’s crashed a car, been pulled out of the water while surfing, and almost had a hotel room door beaten down by concerned co-workers. All of these were because […]

The Random Acts of Lows…

The other night, Jacob and I arrived home with bags of groceries, ready to get cookin’. I uncorked some wine, put on some cooking tunes, and was about to start chopping garlic when I realized I felt….off. Like exceptionally tired or….something. I was about to brush it off when I thought, maybe I should just […]

Are you low?

Because I have Sports Beans package leftover from the 5k race I ran on Sunday, a chocolate-covered Oreo emblazoned with an “A” from a baby shower on Saturday, two cookies marked “L&J” from our engagement party two weeks ago, one bag of Jelly Beans that are Halloween themed (last year’s Halloween that is….ew), and of course […]