Top 10 Weirdest Diabetic Meals…mmm mmm good!

low-carb-high-proteinGreetings from Istanbul!! Ok, not really, because I wrote this post before I left so I could have it auto-publish for YOU folks at home. But to be fair, I AM in Istanbul right now, probably sipping a Turkish coffee at the moment. So HELLO!

Being around the house all last week meant I wasn’t heading over to my company’s cafeteria for lunch, and as the holiday parties wound down I actually found myself on my own for a few meals. Its not that I’ve never noticed before that I eat a little differently than most folks, but it becomes really apparent when you’re left to your own devices around the house. As I sat there chomping away on my brie and salami sandwich (the salami subs as the bread – does that still make it a “sandwich?”) I thought it might be time for a top 10 list – The Top 10 Weirdest Diabetic Meals and Snacks that I Love to Eat. Most of my odd combos come from trying to keep things low carb while maintaining some flavor. Who knows, maybe some of these will help you get through the holidays! After you peep my list, leave a comment and add your own!

10.) An avocado half sprinkled with salt. Its like buttah.

9.) Pizza. Minus the bread. And minus sauce. So cold, pre-melted pepperoni and cheese is really what I mean.

8.) Bacon-scallion cream cheese on a celery stalk. Yep. Seriously. Don’t knock it till you try it.

7.) Previously noted brie-and-salami sandwiches. Also sub brie for cheddar and turkey for salami, or really any meat-and-cheese-no-bread combo.

6.) A slice of American cheese micro waved on wax paper until its bubbled up and crispy – I eat them like potato chips!

5.) Trader Joe’s Ranchero egg salad on top of Bristol Farms tuna salad. More protein than your body knows what to do with!

4.) Feta cheese, avocado, red onion, cucumber, and a few cherry tomatoes chopped up with olive oil and vinegar on top.

3.) Grilled hamburger, no bun, fried egg on top. Huzzah!

2.) A Laughing-Cow brand cheese wedge and a jalapeño pepper wrapped in a slice of turkey.

1.) Trader Joe’s Greek-Style Cheese Yogurt with chopped kalamata olives on top. So. Flippin. Good.

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