17 years strong.

2009Today marks 17 years of living with diabetes, and I can barely believe it. I remember when I crossed the 10-year threshold, at that time 20 years old and still figuring out how to handle diabetes as a (semi) adult in college, and thinking wow, that’s a long time.

Now, having just turned 27, and feeling wiser in my diabetes ways, I look back at my diabetes journey and think about how far I’ve come: From a scared little kid, unable to understand why she had to prick her fingers and take injections; to my teenage years when I didn’t want to deal with diabetes, and almost paid the ultimate price for it; to my 20s, as a person with diabetes who is entrenched in the diabetes community and her own self-care. And now here. To 2009.

2009 is the year I started this blog. 2009 is the year I ran my first half marathon. The year when July marked a full year on pump therapy. The year I started CGM. The year I dealt with my first diabetes-related health issues. The year I met someone who was totally comfortable with my diabetes. The year I was named co-chair of the Tour de Cure. A year I battled my way back to an acceptable A1c. Another year that I took control of my diabetes, and didn’t let it control me. Another incredible year of living life to the fullest….with diabetes.

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