Type 1 Moms: Changing diabetes education sixty seconds at a time.

Type 1 momsI get a lot of random emails from folks asking for me to try this or that “diabetic” product, or to check out a website/event/book/totally-made-up-cure-for-diabetes-involving-bark-from-a- random-shrub-only-found-in-Peru. It’s part of being in the whole blogging world. But when I got an email from someone who signs their title as “Chief Type 1 Dad”, I just had to learn more.

Michael DeSoi contacted me about a website that will be coming soon called Type1moms.org (you can see their pre-launch site here. This website will contain one minute videos from real-life moms and dads of kids with diabetes. The videos will cover all sorts of topics, from dealing with rebellious adolescents to how Type 1 diabetes can affect your family’s finances. The videos are purposely kept to only one minute long because the DeSoi family knows how busy moms are, and especially how busy the moms of Type 1 kids are. The founding family has a daughter who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2009. Lauren DeSoi, the mother, ┬áneeded advice, but wasn’t satisfied with her initial search results for support groups online. She wanted to make it easier for parents to get the information they needed from people who had been through the exact same thing. So she and some friends started the website, and Lauren now “heads an organization designed to help share information, offer support and deliver hope – for sixty seconds everyday.”

Although the site was initially intended for moms, they make it clear that they will absolutely be including dads in their videos and they hope, in their readership. Anyone can submit a video, and they will also be interviewing an initial round of moms in the Philly area for the videos to kick things off. You can also donate to their Kickstarter fund to help keep the project going.

What I like about this website is that they are offering real advice from people really living through it. Type 1 diabetes is one of the most confusing, nonsensical, frustrating, and misunderstood diseases in the world, and no one really gets it unless they’ve lived it. I think parents of kids with diabetes will truly appreciate honest insight from other folks going through the same issues. And the fact that each video is only sixty seconds means that parents can have time to learn something new every day without having to sign up for a class or meet up with a support group (both excellent resources as well, but more time consuming of course). I think this is such a great idea for the busy parents with Type 1 kids. Because those folks are true heroes in my eyes.

Visit their website for more info!


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