Yeah. That totally makes sense (except not at all)

I tried to solve for the following equation at lunch yesterday:

Pre-lunch BG of 168mg/dL

+ Sandwich consisting of two large slices of bread, estimated at 20 grams of carbs each for a total of 40 carbs

+ 4 units of insulin for the carbs using a 1:10 ration

+ 1 unit of insulin for correction of the 168 (using a 1 unit for a 50 point drop in BG ratio)

+ 0 minutes of exercise that day to account for

+ no sickness/added stress to account for

+ no current insulin on board










Huh? Over 300mg/dL two hours post-prandial? Didn’t I calculate for this? Did they accidentally use sugar cookies instead of bread on this sandwich? Was the turkey laced with caramel that I didn’t taste? Does my carb ratio change on Wednesdays to 1:5 and nobody told me? WTF?


Type 1 diabetes: Bringing you the finest in nonsensical bulls&*% since the beginning of time.

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I hear you 🙂 Sometimes my Bloodsugar will randomly decide that pasta on a Tuesday is a bad bad bad thing and I end up in the mid 20’s. Oh, but pasta on Wednesdays? That’s fine… 😛

Hi, I read your blog for the first time. I like it and will return to it more often, I guess. I think that your calculation was excellent, but the timing of bolus matters. If the bread is white, consider injecting say 10 – 15min before eating…what do you think? all the best, Karin from Slovenia

Karin, that’s a good suggestion! I am very bad at bolusing with adequate lead time, I need to be better about that especially when eating foods with a high glycemic impact.

Thank you for your blog. Found your website today and it’s good to see my mad experiences with diabetes (‘though short yet, diagnosed type1 at 40 ,7months ago) are similar to your postings. Your comment “Type 1 diabetes: Bringing you the finest in nonsensical bulls&*% since the beginning of time” really made me laugh after three days of continuous roller-coaster levels. Thanks.

Glad I could help you laugh Sylviane! If there’s one thing you can count on with this disease, it’s that it never makes sense 🙂

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