Tasty Magic!

magic pop 2If you’re anything like me, you are livin’ La Vida Low Carb – but always hoping that one day they’ll invent carb-free noodles that taste like the real thing. I eat low carb because it’s the diet that best controls my blood sugars and my weight, but it’s not always easy. My favorite indulgences (and biggest temptations) are pastas, chips, and breads. I don’t have a new noodle to report, but I’ve discovered a pretty damn good new faux favorite: Kim’s Magic Pop.

Before you stop me and say “Lex, you’ve really adopted the Portland nuevo-hippie lifestyle because that name sounds like some grade-A bulls&%$”, hold on a second. I discovered Kim’s Magic Pop in my local Fred Meyer Grocery store (Fred Meyer is a Pac Northwest chain grocery story, and since my Ralph’s Club number works there, I am assuming they are owned by the same company). When I saw the multiple flavors of pita-shaped, rice-cake-resembling Magic Pops, I assumed they were carb central.

But then I noticed the words “low calorie” on the display, so I stepped closer for a better look. I lifted up a bag of the Magic Pops and realized they only weighed a few ounces. They probably taste like cardboard I reasoned at their lightness. I flipped over the package to check the nutrition info: only three grams of carbs for one large “pop” (each one is about the size of a salad plate) and only 15 calories. And it wasn’t a “net carbs” situation either. It was in fact, straight up, three grams of CHO total. Sweet! But now, they had to pass the taste test. I snapped up a bag of the “natural onion flavor” (because I just love to see how bad I can get my breath in one sitting – my poor fiancé!) and headed home with my Kim’s Magic Pop and package of hummus.

When I got home I checked the ingredient list. Kim’s Magic Pops are made from unbleached white flower, water, salt, long grain parboiled brown rice, and natural flavors like onion powder, for the kind I had chosen. I opened my hummus and the Magic Pops and prepared myself to be disappointed by another imitation, low-calorie food.

And then I had a bite, and a chorus of angels began singing hallelujah! Ok, that didn’t actually happen (they’re not actually “magic”), but these little crispers actually tasted damn good! They are dippable, shmearable, have a delightful crunch just like chips, and barely required a bolus. This, my friends, is extremely hard to accomplish and I am thrilled to have found a new product that can save me from having to dip jicama slices into the queso salsa as a substitute for chips during football season. Because everyone knows that’s really, really not the same. I absolutely love finding a low-carb alternative to one of my biggest temptations that actually tastes good.

Here’s the website for Kim’s Magic Pop – and it looks like you can order them on Amazon in case you are interested in giving them a try. And for the record, this was not a paid promotion or a freebie review in any way – just a rad new product that I wanted to share with all of you!

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