That airplane meal.

Jacob and I took a whirlwind, two-day trip to Oahu this weekend for the sole purpose of wedding planning. Yes, taking two six-hour plane rides in a span of 48 hours might seem crazy (and that’s because it is), but since the holidays are coming we couldn’t take too much time off work. We found a great deal on tickets and lodging, and because we hasn’t physically seen the sight we’re getting married at next year, we decided it was worth it to head out there and do some marathon wedding planning. We got all our major stuff done- food tasting, sight evaluation, meet with the wedding planner, booked a DJ, met our photographers, and still had time for a Mai Tai and dip in the perfect waters of the North Shore.

Not so idyllic though, was the state of my blood sugars when I got on the plan on Friday. Exhibit A shows over 12 hours above 200mg/dL in spite of serious bolusing. To say I was frustrated was an understatement – having to get up and use the airplane restroom 1 zillion times on a flight because you’re running high can really impede on the “this wedding trip to paradise is awesome!” mindset.






I continued to bolus, but by the time lunch came around, I decided to inject some insulin via syringe just to be safe. And even more so, I left my lunch looking like this:






Rice and cake left completely untouched, salad and chicken and veggies consumed. It made me think back to the days when they offered the “diabetic meal” on the airplane, which was always exactly the same as the regular meal, just with an apple replacing the cookie. Never mind the fact that those two items could actually have the same amount of carbs.

I played it safe and kept my carbs low and changed my pump as soon as we were off the plane. By bedtime I was back in the normal range and feeling much better, but those long hours in the high zone left me pretty tired.

Luckily, Hawaii is two hours behind our time zone, so the next morning I woke up early feeling refreshed and ready to focus on all the fun tasks ahead.

Did you always order the diabetic meal on planes, back in the day? And do they still serve those silly things? Have they made them any better? Do tell if you know!

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I remember ordering the diabetic meal on a plane once – it was in 1989 I think – the meal was a big bowl of fresh fruit: melon, grapes, strawberries, etc. That’s it.

Fortunately, I was able to trade meals with someone I was traveling with (who got the regular meal) and I never requested a special one again. This was, of course, in the days when everyone got a meal and special-requests had to be made in advance.

Ha! A big bowl of fruit – how helpful:) It’s rare that we even get a meal these days, I think Hawaiian airlines gave me the first one i’ve had in years. So many flights don’t even give snacks anymore.

The last “diabetic” meal I had was two fried eggs, juice, and full-sugar yoghurt. I haven’t requested one since then.

Last time I requested one I was labelled “Diabetic/Heart/Low Fat/Low Salt” all on one sticker. They should have added “Low Flavor” as well. Guess they figure any ‘disease’ should eat the same bland diet.

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