Diabetes Deals? Hey it could happen…right?

I love me a good Groupon deal. Or Living Social. Or really anything that can get me $3000 worth of zoo visits for $12.99. I get a few of them every day delivered to my inbox, and most of them I have to delete right away before I get all excited and go purchasing $300 worth of pet toys for a dog I don’t have.

But what if all these deals that came through were for diabetes?! I can see it now….

$39 for $4,000,000 worth of pancreatic islet cells: Transplant not included. Must use before 12/12/12.

$100 for $50 worth of test strips:Huh, that’s charging double what they’re actually worth? Wait a minute….that’s still a savings on what’s actually charged!

$0.99 for $10 worth of glucose tablets: No takers? What’s that you say? They still taste like flavored chalk, no matter how cheap they are?

Four hours of someone else testing your blood sugar for you and interpreting the results.  A priceless value for only $29.99: Not having to think about diabetes for four hours? Yep, that’s priceless.

Two nights and two days at diabetes camp for adults for only $199: Screw the tropical vacation deals! Let’s go to ‘betes camp where I can feel normal for once!

Ok, so these deals won’t be coming through any time soon, but a girl can dream right? What Groupon would you want to see come through for your diabetes?

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I’m still smiling. Love this post.

I’d like the one where someone else thinks about my diabetes for me for a change. I’ve decided to get a pump so I’ve been busy researching pumps so of course that’s ALL I’ve been able to think about for the past 24 hours. I want someone else to do that for me. 😉

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