Welcome to Ketone City. Population: Me.

Sunday was a weird day, blood sugar-wise. I spent the better part of the morning low, which ruined my plans for going running. Soon after a carb-free breakfast of eggs and sausage though, my BG began to climb. At first I was relieved, since I’d spent the better part of the morning treating numbers in 60s. But then it climbed all the way to 234mg/dL. I bolused – but conservatively – we were about to head out to the beach and go surfing with some friends.

We walked down to the beach and I clicked in to my DexCom – I was still in the 200s but reminded myself that I was about to exercise and that I needed to be careful. Plus, I had just bolused and didn’t want to risk a low out in the water. I tucked a GU pack in my bathing suit and hit the waves. I surfed for about 50 minutes, then rejoined our friends on the hot sand in the sun.

After laying there for 15 minutes or so, I realized my blood sugar felt high. Like, gross high. Like sweet, fruity breath, furry tongue, sick-to-your-stomach kind of high. I clicked in to my DexCom.

357mg/dL? WTF? I have eaten no carbs all day, just worked out for almost an hour and I’m pushing 400? This made no sense. Still, from my morning of lows, I wondered if this was somehow a glucagon rebound. My pump felt and looked secure, so I bolused again  – this time a nice big one – and decided to wait it out. If my pump was busted, I rationalized that I’d be over 400 in no time and then I’d know for sure that it was broken.

We went home and I showered to get ready for dinner. As I went to leave the house, my Dexom showed a downward slanted arrow and  BG of 287mg/dL, which I considered to be a step in the right direction. See it wasn’t broken I told myself. Something weird happened with the lows and all that. It’s coming down now. You’ll be fine.

But soon, the arrow on my DexCom leveled off again, and flatlined above 200. I bolused for dinner, which contained maybe 20 grams of carbohydrates, and added a few units for the high. But by the time I got home around 9pm, that fruity, furry tongue, sick to my stomach feeling hadn’t subsided. I tested for ketones and found myself in the land of “moderate” on my way to “large.” And the DexCom proved that what I’d suspected all along was true: I had on a busted pump.


I pulled the pod and inspected the cannula. I couldn’t see any visible blockage, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there, or that it wasn’t bent the wrong way, or that it had hit some tissue it didn’t like. Clearly this was the most annoying type of blockage: the one that’s juuuuust small enough to make you feel like a crazy person. You think that maybe it is working, and that you just ate the wrong thing, or had a strange surge of glucagon or maybe you ate a cupcake in your sleep or WHATEVER – it just can’t be the pump. You’d be over 500mg/dL in no time, right? Wrong. Sometimes pump sites are just “kind of” broken. And “kind of broken” keeps you right around 300mg/dL for hours on end. And it totally sucks because there you are, right in the middle of Ketone City, feeling like crud. Ew.

What can you do though? I went with my gut and it just didn’t work out this time. I changed the pod, cursed this damn disease, and went about my day. Oh and I blogged about it right here to get it off my chest. Thanks for listening you guys.

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Yep. Been there, done that. If it’s of any comfort for you, I would have acted EXACTLY the same way. Which is conclusive proof that you did the right thing. 😉

“Kind of broken”. So that’s the reason why, sometimes, by blood sugar doesn’t skyrocket up, but refuses to go down. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

Yep! It’s like there’s just enough insulin getting through to be totally annoying. Another thing diabetes is good at being obnoxious at! Not surprising…..

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