Thank goodness he’s CPR certified….

The scene: Alexis is going “gym shopping” in hopes of finding a workout facility closer to her home. It’s Sunday morning at 10am, and she’s just walked in to a local gym specializing in kickboxing and MMA. Her hopes and spirits are high, but her blood sugar is a little low, so in the interest of safety, she decides to disclose her ‘betes to the instructor of the class she’s about to take.

Me: “Ok great, I’m so excited to take your class. Just so you know, I have Type 1 diabetes and I….”

Fitness Instructor (who could physically be confused for the Incredible Hulk, but mentally confused for…a toaster): “Awwww whoaaaaaaa! Diabetes?!?? Well I’m CPR certified but if you go all weird on me I’m calling 911 and getting the heck outta here! Hahaha!”

Me: “Um. Right. So CPR won’t help you with a diabetes emergency. But calling 911 would be a good start. Anyways you don’t have anything to worry about – I’ve never had an emergency at the gym, but occasionally I need to come off the heavy bag and check my blood sugar, ok?”

Fitness Instructor: “I give one water break about half way through the class.”

Me: “Yeah. Um. Ok. So let me see if I can explain this better: In order to PREVENT an emergency, sometimes I have to check my blood sugar in the middle of class. I won’t wait for a water break to do it. Ok?”

Fitness Instructor: “Do you have to prick your finger with the little thingy?”

Me: “Yes. That’s a glucose meter. It measures the amount of sugar in your blood.”

Fitness Instructor: “I saw this commercial on TV that says you don’t have to get the blood anymore and stab your finger. It checks it without blood. Why don’t you get one of those?”

Me: “That sounds…really cool. I’ll look into it. I’m going to go warm up now….”


Alexis did not join that gym. But she does continue to patronize Comedy Hour at this gym on a regular basis.

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Now don’t “go all weird on him.” You won’t like him when he’s angry )and green). And he won’t like you when you’re low 🙂

I would have said, “before I say what I’m about to say, if you ever encounter a diabetic when low, they might be in an even fouler mood than I am right now…but there are no guarantees. Based on your response to my disclosure,you won’t see me when I’m low EVER and I hope you understand that knowing CPR only helps those who are having heart and respiratory problems. A diabetic’s life may someday be in your hands and your lame, insensitive jokes won’t save their lives. A better response from you would have been, ‘how do I help you when you have a low and what can I expect to possibly happen?’ THAT response might have brought you a new member to your gym. This interview has lost you one.”

Tim – I LOVE IT!! Something along those lines might have helped him be more sensitive/thoughtful with the next person tht he insults. I cannot believe the stuff that comes out of peoples mouths sometimes! I don’t care if he doesn’t know what to do with a low diabetic, but why don’t you admit that and ASK instead of making a joke. No one would ever say anything like that about a disease they perceive to be more serious.

Oh gee, yup, skip that class.
How sad that he wasn’t intelligent enough to ask you how he could help you make this class work for you.
His loss…

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