The things people say….

Orange Juice Duty: a.k.a. In Praise of the Diabuddy

It was a Friday night and I’m in a crowded bar full hipsters swaying to the bass-heavy, DJ-delivered beats. My husband and I have popped in to a favorite haunt for a night cap and some people-watching. We had walked there from dinner – only a short 10 minutes – but at a brisk pace […]


If you’ve never heard of Taking Control of your Diabetes, or TCOYD for short, then you need to look them up now. TCOYD is an organization dedicated to helping people live better with diabetes, and I happen to know the founder. He is an endocrinologist in San Diego and was a long time customer of […]

I’m sorry too. But not in the same way.

People say a lot of things when you tell them you have diabetes. There’s the judgmental response of  “is that the bad kind?” (as if there was a good kind) that makes you want to scream. There’s the connection response of “oh my cousin/son/mom has diabetes too.” And there’s the immediate question response of “oh […]

What’s in a name? So, so much.

We’ve all said it at some point: “I wish Type 1 and Type 2 had different names, I’m so sick of explaining the difference.” I recently received an email from a mother of a child with diabetes who has organized a petition to seek just that. Jamie Perez explained in her email that she filed […]

I got this…because I have to…

“You’re so responsible.” Have you ever heard that one? It usually comes after explaining what it takes to manage diabetes. You explain that it’s not as simple as not eating sugar and taking a few injections, that’s it actually impossible to get it right half the time and that your brain has turned in to […]

Harsh critics.

I spent some time with some fellow T1 folks last week during a focus group for a diabetes product. It’s always fun to be with fellow ‘betics, even if you’re a bunch of total strangers being asked bizarre questions like “If your diabetes starred in a movie, what genre of movie would it be?” (Seriously […]

Yes you would.

“Does that hurt?” That’s got to be one of my least favorite questions. It’s said when you’re pricking your finger, injecting, or telling someone how a CGM sensor works (“the wires are IN you skin? Really!?”). It’s often accompanied by a face all pinched up in a sort of attempt to convey the pain they’re […]

No, actually you suck.

The Scene: The checkout counter at a local pharmacy. I hand over my items for purchase: An A1c Now Test, Advil, and a bottle of conditioner. Checkout Guy: (scanning the A1c test) “Man I’m hoping I never need one of these!” Me: “Oh. Um. Do you have diabetes?” Checkout Guy: “Nooooooo! No way. But my […]

Splenda? Or Splend-don’t?

If you’re a regular user of Splenda, Equal, or Sweet N’ Low, then it’s likely you’ve also been the recipient of some harsh accusations. Being a long time Splenda user myself, I’ve had the following statements said directly to me, all because I tore open one of those little yellow packets: “That will kill you.” […]

Good company.

I volunteer with the Tour de Cure bike ride to fight diabetes for a variety of reasons. It’s about raising money to find a cure. It’s also about a sport I love. And it’s about being a part of the diabetes community here in San Diego and celebrating the fact that we are not alone. […]