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I hear: “Nice job on those box jumps this morning.” I want to hear:  “I can’t believe you managed to use your temp basal rates to get through a tough workout even though you started class at 65mg/dL.” I hear: “Enjoy your coffee!” I want to hear: “I know this might raise your blood sugar […]

Comfort Zone?

I meet a lot of patients in my day job, and I’m used to everyone having a different way of managing their diabetes, with individualized targets and goals. This is often reflected when speaking with patients about where they set their low and high thresholds on their CGMs (the thresholds are the low and high […]

Goes together like peanut butter and…chocolate frosting…

I love a good “diabetes hack” when I hear one – anything that makes this ridiculous disease a teeny tiny bit easier I’m game for. I found myself low on Monday night before bed, standing in front of an open fridge, and I was tempted to shovel 2 to 3 times the appropriate amount of […]

Drop it low, keep it low.

Our half marathon is fast approaching in just two short weeks, so Saturday I set out to do my longest training run yet: an 11-miler. I’d had a rough night in the BG department. We had dinner at a friend’s house, and I over-bolused for some dessert which had me crashing in the 40s at bedtime […]

Nailed it.

Dear Well- Meaning Insurance Company, I”m writing today to let you know I received your extremely informative and helpful brochure in the mail today about “Taking Charge of Your Diabetes.”  The Grandmother character you have featured on the front looked just like me and I immediately realized that she and I must have a lot in common. […]

Managing Feelings.

I’m always rooting for my peeps. If you have diabetes, I’m already a friend of yours because I think that all of us have a seriously sucky job that no one signed up for. And I’m especially a fan of thriving with this this disease, and doing the best we all can to stave off […]

More better.

It was another long, hot, summer day in Portland and the neighbors had created an impromptu block party on one of their porches. One of our neighbors offered a fellow from down the street a second beer, but he politely declined. “Nah buddy, thanks but I’m trying to get healthy. I’ve been focusing on eating better, […]

An Ode to Opsite.

On those hot, sweaty summer days, your devices might have an extra challenge staying stuck to your body. And on those hot, sweaty summer days where you are CLEARLY suffering from insanity because you said “yes” when your friend asked if you wanted to go to a hot yoga class on a day that’s already over 90 […]

Let me simplify this. Wait…

“So, what if you just eat only meats and green vegetables and no sugar and no carbs? Do you still have to take insulin?” This is the totally fair, totally logical, but still totally exasperating question I was asked at brunch on Sunday. Not exasperating because of the person who asked it. No,he’s a good friend […]

Just an average.

I’ve had some great A1cs in my life, and some really crummy ones. And most of the time, when I’m under 6.5%, it’s because of hard work and determination. But there are other ways to get to a low A1c. We can’t ever forget that A1cs are simply an average – meaning a great A1c can easily be […]