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Do you play it by the numbers? Or hooked on a feeling?

I blogged a few weeks ago about a well-known endo in the area saying that according to an independent study he did with his patients, folks who override their smart pump suggestions 20% of the time do the best with their management overall, as measured by A1c. Meaning, patients who skip over the “suggested bolus” […]

The Whole Holiday Experience.

Halloween: It’s the first in of a series of holidays that take us screeching through what remains of the year in rapid succession. Halloween hits, then all of a sudden it’s Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and you’re shouting “Happy New Year” a little too loudly after downing three hot toddy’s because you and your friends decided to hike into the […]

Super CDE.

One thing I love about my job is the fact that I get to be all up in the diabetes world every single day. I talk to patients, doctors and CDEs for a living, and we all have one thing in common: managing diabetes. Interacting with providers feels like I’m with the band, even if […]

Cure vs. Cure.

There’s been a whole bunch of buzz lately about this project out of Harvard, claiming a breakthrough in stem-cell technology. This could all translate (and by “translate” I mean don’t hold your breath – I’ve heard they’re just five years away from a cure for the last…22 years) to a means by which people with […]

Serendipity is…

….your brother-in-law saying he’s cooking Italian and finding out he went this Italian route instead of pasta or pizza. Nope, no carbs here.

Would you rather: Diabetes Edition

You know that game people play at parties called “Would you rather?” It usually involves two not-so-awesome choices and you have to pick the least-worst situation. For example, a question might be: “would you rather spend the day with someone you can’t stand or stand in line at the DMV for the same amount of time?” […]

Product Review: Great Low Carb Bread Company!

One of the hardest things about working towards my super-low A1c has been cutting carbs almost entirely. For me, restricting carbs is a sure way for me to crank my numbers down. I use the rule of small numbers: small amounts of carbs mean small amounts of insulin which means small mistakes. Making small mistakes […]

The Why.

“He’s just not been taking care of himself.” I’ve heard this at least a thousand times, whether from a friend of a person with diabetes or like a few weeks ago, from a parent of a teenager with T1. They complain about how he just doesn’t care and he’s going to suffer the consequences if […]

Positive ID!

About a year ago this time I was newly married and making the rounds in the world of “changing your name.” There was the Social Security office, the DMV, my credit card, my bank, my gym membership, my Facebook….the list went on and on. Turns out when you’ve been known by a particular name for […]

Carbs? What Carbs?

Super normal breakfast, right? Total units taken: 0.5. BG after breakfast: 93mg/dL. Here’s to holding on to 5.9%!