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32. And 22.

Today I turn 32 years old. And next week, my diabetes will clock 22 years. I’m now in a category of “more than two decades with diabetes.” And also “in my early 30s.” I can’t have a birthday or a Christmas without thinking about my diagnosis and my duration with this disease,  because I was […]

That Christmas Magic.

Bolus – worthy is the term we usually reserve for sweets and treats that are a pain to dose for, but oh-so-worth it once in a while. And on Sunday, I had one of my best buds over for our now-annual cookie baking fiasco. We’re both decent cooks (she’s actually phenomenal – her enchiladas could […]

Oh, that’s what that’s called.

I explained to my endo on Friday that I feel like I’m doing everything I can to keep my BGs nice and smooth and maintain this crazy low A1c (actually that remains to be seen – getting it drawn on Wednesday!), but I told her that exasperatingly, I was still getting these odd spikes in the middle […]

Le Lance.

You know what we really don’t spend any time talking about in the diabetes world? Lancing devices. I’m guessing because it feels like there’s not too many differences between them, and they’re not crazy-town expensive like test strips are, nor do they do anything as cool as our CGMs and pumps. Also, they’re kind of […]

Too funny for me to caption….

…I can’t with this one. Do you guys have some good captions for this? Because I’m laughing too hard to even think of something to say…..this was spotted at a well-known, heavily traveled candy store in a cute little Oregon coast town that we went to for the day. All I can say is that I’m […]

The download upgrade.

It was the fifth night in a row I’d been woken up from a high blood sugar. Although I was glad to be woken up so I had the opportunity to fix the damage, I also enjoy sleeping through the night whenever possible. Crazy, I know. I didn’t understand why it was happening and what […]

T1D Exposed: Nothing to hide about our beautiful, capable Type 1 bodies

Us folks with diabetes are warriors. We battle every day to make sure we stay alive, and our bodies show the wear and tear of this war. But just like other scars, there is a reason to be proud of these battle wounds: they show how hard we have fought to thrive with diabetes. When […]

Orange Juice Duty: a.k.a. In Praise of the Diabuddy

It was a Friday night and I’m in a crowded bar full hipsters swaying to the bass-heavy, DJ-delivered beats. My husband and I have popped in to a favorite haunt for a night cap and some people-watching. We had walked there from dinner – only a short 10 minutes – but at a brisk pace […]

I used to think fingerless gloves were useless…

Until I realized they are so TOTALLY USEFUL for finger sticks on a cold Portland day. Function and fashion right there ladies and gentlemen. I’m pretty much a style icon these days. Like how I matched the red blood to the red gloves? See what I did there? ICON.    

Zoned out.

This week, my work travels took me to beautiful (but dark) Alaska for three days. Traveling in Alaska in the winter is enough wreak havoc on your circadian rhythms in and of itself. The sun doesn’t come up until 9:00 am or so, and then it sets again at 4:30pm. When the alarm goes off at […]