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Standard Hotel Room Sleeping.

Just another night for one lonely business traveler with one too many beds in her hotel room. What’s a gal to do but use bed number two for all of her devices and potential low BG treatments? And if you think I already have too much hardware between the phone, CGM, and pump controller, consider […]

Toddler Logic.

A weekend with my nieces, ages two and five months are full of questions. Mostly they’re from the two-year old whose vocabulary expands exponentially by the day: “What’s in your coffee cup?” “Read Larry Gets Lost in Portland again?” “Outside? To the park?” These are all valid questions with easy answers: Coffee, Yes, and Let’s go!, respectively. On Saturday […]

Do you play it by the numbers? Or hooked on a feeling?

I blogged a few weeks ago about a well-known endo in the area saying that according to an independent study he did with his patients, folks who override their smart pump suggestions 20% of the time do the best with their management overall, as measured by A1c. Meaning, patients who skip over the “suggested bolus” […]

The Whole Holiday Experience.

Halloween: It’s the first in of a series of holidays that take us screeching through what remains of the year in rapid succession. Halloween hits, then all of a sudden it’s Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and you’re shouting “Happy New Year” a little too loudly after downing three hot toddy’s because you and your friends decided to hike into the […]

Super CDE.

One thing I love about my job is the fact that I get to be all up in the diabetes world every single day. I talk to patients, doctors and CDEs for a living, and we all have one thing in common: managing diabetes. Interacting with providers feels like I’m with the band, even if […]

Cure vs. Cure.

There’s been a whole bunch of buzz lately about this project out of Harvard, claiming a breakthrough in stem-cell technology. This could all translate (and by “translate” I mean don’t hold your breath – I’ve heard they’re just five years away from a cure for the last…22 years) to a means by which people with […]

Serendipity is…

….your brother-in-law saying he’s cooking Italian and finding out he went this Italian route instead of pasta or pizza. Nope, no carbs here.

Would you rather: Diabetes Edition

You know that game people play at parties called “Would you rather?” It usually involves two not-so-awesome choices and you have to pick the least-worst situation. For example, a question might be: “would you rather spend the day with someone you can’t stand or stand in line at the DMV for the same amount of time?” […]

Product Review: Great Low Carb Bread Company!

One of the hardest things about working towards my super-low A1c has been cutting carbs almost entirely. For me, restricting carbs is a sure way for me to crank my numbers down. I use the rule of small numbers: small amounts of carbs mean small amounts of insulin which means small mistakes. Making small mistakes […]

The Why.

“He’s just not been taking care of himself.” I’ve heard this at least a thousand times, whether from a friend of a person with diabetes or like a few weeks ago, from a parent of a teenager with T1. They complain about how he just doesn’t care and he’s going to suffer the consequences if […]