My first Vlog!

Thanks to my friend Charlie who lent me his mini video camera for my trip to Istanbul, you are about to witness my very first video blog (Vlog for short!) This is a quick video clip me me trying to navigate the carb situation for one of the many tasty dishes we had in Turkey. I was at a local pide joint (Turkish for their version of pizza) and had hoped to skip out on the carbs by ordering a chicken kebap, but since they were out, I was SOL. So I went with the flow and ordered one of the pides – which is essentially a thick, crepe-like-pancake-sorta bread item with meat and veggies on top. The bread is so fluffy and delicious and the meat is minced and spread over the bread with fresh veggies on top and then baked in a woodfired oven and OMG I am drooling right now this was so good. It was one of the tastiest meals we had there – I’m talking totally bolus worthy. The only problem was I had no idea how many carbs were in it….


Turns out I had guessed well! I ended up in the 130 mg/dL range after dinner…mmm pide!

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Video is asking to accept a friend request. When are you coming back? Will you be at the TdC meeting Tuesday?

Hey Ben – yes I will be at the TdC meeting next week – I am already back and may try to do that Red Rider Ride on Sunday if I can get my bike fitted/tuned in time.

Wondering about the video friend request – is it asking on Facebook or what do you mean?? Thanks Ben

Hi Lexie,
Same problem here. When you try to play the video, text comes up saying:

“This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender’s friend request.”


Ah ha!! Ok I think I fixed it! It should work now….let me know if not – and thank you for the feedback!

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