Maybe I should check a bag?

DSCN2026Couldn’t resist posting this pic – check out all the ‘betes stuff I have to pack for Turkey…this is for one week, by the way….good grief. I’m lucky to still have room for clothes!

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Just curious, but why 3 meters for just a week? I usually take two when I go international (and just one domestic since I know I can another one easily enough).

Have a safe trip Lexi – and if you didn’t have to take so much betes gear, would that be a Turkey light to go, hold the mayo ?!?!?! See you int he New Year !! Woo Hoo!!

Good question Curious! My pump (the Omnipod) is controlled by the personal diabetes manager (PDM for short), and it doubles as a Freestyle glucose meter, so that’s my main one currently in use on the left there. The one in the middle is my old PDM, in case the current one gets lost or stolen. Finally, I packed my teeny regular Freestyle meter just in case all pods fail and I’m back to injections or I run out of batteries for my PDM and can’t get new ones right away. I know its a little excessive, but I would go nuts without a meter. I’m sure they sell them in Turkey, but I’d rather not risk it!

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