The REAL Holiday Survival Guide

cndy canes 2I’m about to make a sweeping statement here: Holiday Survival Guides suck. Most of them offer lame tips that no one will ever abide by: “hit the gym first thing in the morning on Christmas Eve so nothing can derail your plans….” Really? Or how about “be sure to have only 1-2 drinks a day, and sip a water between cocktails…” Are you kidding? NO ONE DOES THAT. At least no one I know….hhhhmmm. So instead of offering a useless guide full of tips that are helpful to no one, this is the practical “Responsible Diabetic Who Also Likes to Have Fun” Guide to the Holidays!

1.) Most parties have an awesome cheesy/spinach/creamy super-tasty dip with yummy chunks of bread to dip with (‘betic landmine), but they usually have a veggie tray that no one is eating too. So grab the celery and carrots from the veggie tray and dip the dip all you want – BOOM. Low-carb genius.

2.) Pick an outfit that lets you carry your CGM/pump/testing kit ON you so you can set your purse/man-bag down at the party and not have to keep running over to it to test or bolus. Think dresses/skirts/pants with pockets.

3.) Got a relative in town that insists you spend every minute with her? Make a couple of those minutes a hike, run, or trip to the gym. She’ll either thank you for making her get some exercise or finally give you space to breathe because she can’t keep up!

4.) Strapped for cash because you needed 3,000 extra test strips to keep up with all the latkes? Make a small donation to a favorite charity (like the ADA, I’m just sayin’) that your recipient cares about. Even dollar counts, no matter the amount, and the kind gesture is always appreciated. Lots of charities offer free e-cards when you make a donation in someone’s name.

5.) When you’re out on the town over the holidays, especially on New Year’s, it always feels like you’re at a college frat party with people asking “whatcha drinking? Need another?” Order a double tall vodka soda, but let the bartender know you only want one shot of vodka, double the soda water. Your drink will be full longer without crushing your blood sugar (or brain cells), and no one else will be the wiser. Plus, soda water is a carb-free mixer. Same idea goes for a rum and diet coke.

Remember that no one can look out for your diabetes care the way you can; you’re the captain of your ‘betes ship and its up to you to steer it in a healthy direction, as hard as it is during the holidays. Hang tough my diabetic peeps!

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