Birthday Blogging

Hi Party People! Its my birthday today! Celebrating my 27th, which means 17 years of living life to the fullest with diabetes. I feel so lucky to hit another year in great health. This past year, I’ve certainly had my ups and downs, but I’m coasting in to 27 feeling pretty darn good about things.

I’m feeling lighthearted on my big day, and in the spirit of keeping a smile on my face and yours, here’s one of my favorite diabetes parodies: the Chuck Norris Diabetes List. For those of you who don’t know, “Chuck Norris” lists are collections of things Chuck can do waaaaaay better than your average bear. And that includes diabetes. Enjoy the goofiness, and please know that one of the biggest things I’m grateful for this year is to have become part of the online community and found this tremendous wealth of support from all of you out there. Thank you!

Chuck Norris 2

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Happy belated birthday. Love Chuck Norris! L

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