The Friday Rundown: Top 10 Diabetes Comments you’ll hear this season – and what to say back!

santa_hat_regAh yes – the holidays! Full of all those offensive wonderful coworkers/friends/family members who seem to have left their “Diabetes Etiquette” at home. People with diabetes hear the darndest things almost every day. We know it’s usually out of concern, care, or a lack of education about diabetes, but sometimes, these familiar statements can get a little annoying. Here, a top 10 list of statements you’re likely to hear at the holidays – and what to say back! And for the people in our lives that have said these things – we know you mean well, so consider this a lighthearted way to show how those statements can sound to the person in your life with diabetes.

1.) Are you allowed to eat that?

Yes. I got a “special permission note” from my mother. It’s in the principal’s office, do you want me to get it?

2.) I could never have diabetes, I hate needles!

Really? That’s so funny – you’re the only one. I love them so much I made sure to ask for diabetes last Christmas so I could take injections ALL the time!

3.) Diabetes? Oh my Grandma died from that.

And a Happy Holidays to you to!

4.)You can’t have dessert.

Why? Did you not make any?!?

5.)  I had this one friend in high school who had diabetes and she used to have seizures all the time.

Yeah, we all had that friend. In Steel Magnolias. Her name is Julia Roberts and her character isn’t real.

6.) You have diabetes because you ate too much sugar as a kid.

Yes, but to be fair, Willy Wonka is my dad.

7.) You can cure diabetes with diet and exercise.


8.) Your insulin pump makes diabetes easy right? It does all the work for you.

Shhhhh! He might hear you and realize I’m underpaying him!

9.) You have the really bad kind of diabetes since you take insulin.

How bad must yours be if your body is making the stuff in its own little pancreas factory! YIKES!

10.) Doesn’t that hurt when you prick your finger?

Yes but us vampires have to eat SOMETHING at Christmas dinner.

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Hun, you know you really shouldn’t use that Splenda in your coffee. Just use real sugar instead. Those artificial sweeteners are horrible for your health.

WOW. Thanks Pam. Super helpful. Dork.

you’re a riot lex. happy holidays and happy bloodsugars!

Read your blog all the time. I think it is terrific. My 12 year old daughter is type one. She always gets O go ahead and eat it, it’s “sugar free”

Oh my gosh Greg! I hate that one – I totally know what your daughter is going through! Those so-called “sugar free” treats are loaded with carbs and funky sugar substitutes that wreck havoc on your stomach.

Thanks for checking out the blog and more importantly, being an involved and active parent to your daughter. How lucky that she has you to get online and check out news and research to make sure you guys stay plugged in. Hopefully the blog has been a good resource for you, thank you for stopping by and for your comment! Have a safe and healthy holiday 🙂

Love this one, Lex!

You are hysterical!!!

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