The 90th Birthday Weekend (a.k.a 2009 Blood Sugar Rodeo)

Just returned from a weekend on the East Coast visiting my grandmother for her 90th birthday. It was nothing short of amazing, although I am a bit tired from a whirlwind 72 hours on the East and a two-hours delayed flight that got us on the ground at 11pm last night. My blood sugars seem to be running higher than usual today, and I’m wondering if its 1.) Fatigue 2.) Eating ridiculous amounts of delightful and glorious food all weekend 3.) Four days off from my regular exercise¬† 4.) All of the above or 5.) None of the above because why would diabetes ever make any sense? Don’t be crazy!

High BGs aside, it was an incredible weekend, full of family, food, and lots of laughing. My family is so supportive of my diabetes. They listen as I yammer on about how cool my CGM is, they stop for (and indulge too!) a pain au chocolat when my BG starts to dip, and they never make me feel bad for needing an extra minute to test, dose, or wax philosophical on health care reform. They’re some of the most integral parts of my management system. Plus, they help me take funny pictures!

Here’s me and my step-mom at the airport, with an ill-timed, two minutes ’til boarding low blood sugar that came out of nowhere. Luckily there was a Starbucks right next to the gate and a Frappucino that brought that BG up (too) quickly…


Here I’m contemplating the inordinate amount of sugar options we were presented at one restaurant. Can you imagine this kind of service for every low blood sugar? “Would madame like the brown sugar swizzel stick or the snow-white sugar cubes to treat her low glucose?”

Too much sugar

Here’s another low that crept up in the middle of the morning, after over-bolusing for my spaghetti-for-dinner-the-night-before-induced ugly fasting BG. Nothing a little french pastry action can’t cure….Low BG - Pain

And here’s the reason we were there – my 90 year old grandmother, holding the 90 roses we brought her to celebrate the big day. She’s amazing – what an incredible family I have.Family

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Yay, Grandma!!! And yay, Lex! Always happy to talk about how cool your CGM is… because it IS!

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