He’s Here!

Well, we wanted a surprise and we sure got one – two weeks early! Baby Hauptman decided to arrive on August 24th at 6:16pm – two weeks ahead of his scheduled due date. Since then, we’ve been home enjoying every minute of time with him. ¬†Even though we had asked to be surprised by the gender, several ultrasound technicians had used the pronoun “she” throughout the pregnancy, so you can imagine our surprise when my husband Jacob exclaimed “it’s a boy!” Every day brings a new round of firsts for us as we learn about him and learn what it means to be parents at the same time. Truly, it’s like no other joy in the world. We fell in love the second we saw his face and have been smitten ever since.

I’ll be taking a break from blogging for the next few months to focus on my son and being a parent, and to be fully present and aware during this special time in our lives. See you in a few months! And thank you, so very much, for all of your support along the way. The DOC has helped me get him here safe and sound.




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Congrats! So happy for you and your family! Enjoy this time!

Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!!! Enjoy every moment of your sweet newborn!!!


Wonderful news. Enjoy every minute you can. The sweet early days go by so quickly. You are the start of a journey. Congratulations.



I hope your sugars stay stable now in the new exciting circumstances (and despite breastfeeding?)!

Congratulations, please check out this video.

Congratulation…….so Cute.

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