IMG_2467 copyI haven’t been blogging much lately and it’s not just because I’m so busy setting up cribs/washing tiny clothes/sterilizing bottles these days. With a mere five weeks or less to go until baby (eek!), I’ve got a lot on my mind too. I’m fully focused on my health and blood sugars right now, trying to make sure that our baby’s growth has every chance of staying on the right track, and that my BGs don’t creep up during this last phase of pregnancy as I tire out both physically and mentally from all the focus. I also switched jobs within my company – from being on the road in sales all the time to being at a desk just five miles from home. I can’t even begin to say how healthy this change has been for me (and baby too). I’m no longer spending nights out in faraway cities for work and I’m spending minimal time behind the wheel communiting the short distance to my new gig. But even though the job is with my same company, just in a different division, it’s still new, and that has demanded a hefty chunk of my few remaining brain cells these days. Needless to say, my priority list is a short one right now. And I’m ok with that.

I’ve hit a groove with my diabetes management this last week or so. My basal rates are dialed in perfectly for what I need right now, and my carb ratio and correction factors seem to also be doing the trick. My exercise has changed from my beloved boot camp and boxing classes to long walks in the morning before work (on the days of the week I can drag myself out of bed that early) or on the weekend with the dog. A1c is still in the fives, which will always feel nothing short of miraculous to me. Suffice it to say there isn’t much exciting commentary from me these days in the realm of diabetes management or otherwise – and I’m ok with that.

I’ve always blogged because I had things I wanted to share and discuss with other folks with diabetes. When I started this blog, it was to become part of the robust conversation that exists in the diabetes online community, and I’ve been so lucky to be part of that conversation since 2009! But as I find myself moving to a different phase in my life, making room for a whole other person to join my world, I find myself having less room for other things. I expected that and I am embracing that right now.

I’m not ready to leave the blogging world just yet, but it is evolving right now into something that I do less frequently. And I have a feeling that right when this new littler person gets here, I’ll be taking a long hiatus from the DOC while I get used to what that new normal looks like. For right now though, things are holding steady as I get ready for the biggest change of my life. And although that’s doesn’t make for particularly good blog entries, it actually feels pretty darn satisying to me. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the DOC in all these years it is that living well with diabetes is all about checking in, testing, adjusting as needed, and continuing to adapt. Lessons that will serve me well as a parent too, I am sure.

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Oh, but your blog has helped me so much. I’ve got a 12 year old daughter just diagnosed three months ago. Your blog isn’t in her life yet (age gap a bit much yet), and your life isn’t like mine (I have an 11 year old and now almost 13 year old…baby years are well behind me)…BUT…your blog has given me solace, insight, and information. Sometimes it’s nice to read diabetes specific info so that I can grow more empathetic and useful for my daughter. And other times…like your last couple paragraphs here…it’s so nice to read that your life is refocusing and evolving. I want the same for my daughter when she becomes a mom…that diabetes won’t hold the same sway…that she’s drawn to other things. Even if you blog about babies…it will be a comfort and benefit to the DOC too. It’s nice to read a well-balanced life.

and if i may suggest…you’re so well prepared for newborn. diabetes at night is more of a pain in the butt than any newborn nighttime care. 🙂

This is not entirely unexpected. And obviously your baby should be more important than your readers – and yet still.. I’ll miss the posts. 🙂

On the other hand.. let’s be realistic. You won’t have time. Not in the roughly 37 seconds a day you’ll have for sleep and hobbies 🙂

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