Quotable Quotes of the weekend.

TalkersFourth of July weekend meant BBQs, hanging with friends, and watching some super-illegal commercial-grade fireworks being exploded at the local park. All around good times celebrating America’s birthday. It also meant being over 7 months pregnant and out in public in the heat. With all the food present at the festivities, there was plenty of discussion about diabetes and food choices as well. Here are my top snippets of the long weekend: the Good, the Bad, and the…REALLY?

“Are you allowed to have more that one child with diabetes? Like can you have as many as you want?”

“Can I touch your belly?” Yes. Touches belly. “Ew. Why is it hard?”

“Wow your belly has really popped out now! MUCH more than last time I saw you!”

“You must be dying in this heat. I mean it must just be awful, in your condition.”

“Wow congrats! Are you ready for your life to be over?”

“Do your shorts come up over your belly? Oh they do. So that’s how maternity shorts work.”

“There’s plenty of dessert! And Lexie there’s a ton of fruit for you – no sugar!”

“I’m sorry mam you can’t park there just to load up your vehic….oh no problem. You can totally park there.”

“Mam let me get someone to help you with these (one small bag) of groceries.”

“So have you ever seen Steel Magnolias?”

“My son has diabetes. Can he have kids one day too?”

“Wait no seriously what exactly, literally, did you eat to get your A1c that low? Wait lemme grab a pen.”

“You SHOULD have a c-section if they’ll let you – makes for a much prettier baby! No smushed faces.”

“You should have planned to be pregnant in the winter!”

“Can I get you a beer? Glass of wine? We have great gin and tonics too!”

My personal favorite though? “This will be the best thing you’ve ever done.” I’m going to let that comment stick with me, and try to just let the rest go :).



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This will be the best thing you’ve ever done… No doubt even on the frustrating days, they are the best!

Women often feel fat and unattractive when they’re VERY pregnant. They are neither of those things. Seeing my very pregnant sister in a purple jumper, “you look like a little blueberry.”(aaahhh).

Or, for your readers closer to my age, “Violet! you’re turning violet!”

People who don’t see how beautiful you are right now are myopic, unimaginative and addled. And seriously, in this weather, grab a swimsuit and soak in a lake!

I like that you ended on the high note – keep that one, blog and discard the rest!!! In the words of Queen Elsa, “Let it go!!!” And for the naysayers, you’re not ending your life – you’re creating a new one.

Lol, love the last piece of advice! I am 5 months pregnant with our second and it makes for fun and interesting times. Thanks for making me laugh!

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