Hope you don’t mind sleeping at your doctor’s office….

If you’ve noticed I haven’t been blogging much these days, it’s because I actually now live at my doctor’s office. I have packed an overnight bag and some snacks and I now just literally live inside her office, strapped to one machine or another, giving blood samples for one reason or another, and generally habitating at the clinic. I’m going to start taking conference calls there and maybe set up some sort of kiosk to get more work done. It’s gonna be great! I don’t need a bed when I have this comfy exam table to sit on!

Seriously though…I knew having diabetes would mean a lot more monitoring for my pregnancy but Holy. Cow. Seriously I’ll move back in Β to my home when fall comes….I think….

Yeah that’s a photo of all my upcoming appointments. And yeah that’s two pages of size 8 font. 10 weeks to go and already this baby has taken over my life!




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Oh honey, I have so been there. I remember the neverending doctor’s appoimtmemts that were only welcome because it got me out of goimg to work at a job I hated. But my daughter was born healthy as a horse and all the poking, prodding and NSTs were 100% worth it. Congratulations. πŸ™‚

“…10 weeks to go and already this baby has taken over my life!” Trust me, it gets a lot better in about 18 years when they go away to college and you can sleep through the night πŸ™‚

Diabetes requires a close monitoring to eating habits and even more to get control over your diet by avoiding high sugar foods. Pregnant ladies need more care and treatment if they are diabetic. So have patience, everything will be fine.

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