The Friday Rundown: Shakin’ up the cell search and pumps on the field…

b cells and footballWell Friday is here folks – I’m in lovely (read: chilly) Pennsylvania this weekend celebrating my Grandma’s 90th birthday. 90!! WOWZA! She’s still sharp as a tack, with a wicked sense of humor to boot. Thinking about her 90 years and her great genetics reminds me how interesting it is that no one else in my family has Type 1 (or Type 2 for that matter) diabetes. Although the genetic loading for Type 1 is not as high as one would think, it’s still amazing to me that somehow, through the perfect storm, I ended up with this disease. There’s some interesting new research out there about possibly delaying the onset of Type 1 diabetes though, which could also ultimately lead to more clues about prevention.

Research in preventing Type 1 has traditionally focused on T-lymphocyte cells, which are the immune cells that mistakenly attack the working beta cells and cause their breakdown. Researchers at Indiana University and experts at 12 diabetes centers in the U.S. and Canada have recently shifted their focus to B lymphocyte cells and have seen some promising results in mice. All you science minded folks that remotely understand what I just typed click here for the full story – and keep your fingers crossed!

I’m always interested in what’s going on with one of my favorite celebs with diabetes, football player Jay Cutler. Looks like he’s ready to give an insulin pump a try on the playing field. Jay has stuck to injections for the past season because he had trouble keeping a pump on during his pre-season workouts, but he’s ready to look into it again as he begins to understand how different management tools affect his health. He’s already taken the plunge into CGMS according to this article, and he finds the information “much more valuable….than the pump.” My question to Jay is: where the heck are you keeping the output device if it has to be 5 feet or less away from you to get a reading? The 50 yard line? Maybe your results are hard-wired to the big screen every 5 minutes? I’d love that kind of range! Either way, Jay sets an incredible example in such a short time of having diabetes with his willingness to try new technology. For the full update on Jay, click here.

That’s all folks! I’ve got some celebrating to do with my grams! Have a safe an healthy weekend everyone!

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How did you like it here in PA? Luckily, well for me at least, we had snow!! I had to work most of the day, but decided to help “shovel” some of the sidewalk. I got tracked down by a gross low bloodsugar, so okay, I was chasing the dog in the yard, too!

Thank you for your update on Jay Cutler. Jay and Gary Hall Jr. are my two heros with Diabetes.

I’d like Halle Berry more if she would just come out and own up to being diabetic. Like I tell my coworkers, “It’s nothing BAD to say you have diabetes. It’s just like telling someone you bought a new shirt or you peed today. Who cares?”

Thanks!! =)

PA was fun! It snowed the whole drive out there, and by the time we got to Reading, it was so beautiful outside we took a ton of pictures playing in the snow – including my brother in law getting nailed by a few snowballs. I loved it!

You are so funny about telling people the facts “its like telling someone who bought a new shirt or you peed today” HAHAHA – I wish I could always be that chill about it, I just get so defensive when people make lame comments back like “oh did you eat to much sugar as a kid? That’s how you get diabetes, right? It drives me nuts!

Thanks for your comment and for checking out the blog!

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