That’s all. Literally “bananas” the noun and also the euphemism for “drive me bats%$* crazy. I bolus for them. I eat them. Things fall apart. And I know SO MANY people with diabetes who love bananas! They’re easy to bolus for! they claim. Lies.


Here is 15 minutes after eating a medium banana, for which I bolused three units.

Dex up











And here is exactly 40 minutes later. What. The Eff? Bananas. Ug.

Dex down

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If you put peanut butter on your banana it may make for less “ups and downs”…plus it tastes yummy!

I like bananas. Bananas don’t like me. But I think that Taylor is on to something, peanut butter helps me handle apples better, I bet it would work with bananas too…

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