Hallmark has nothing on these ladies. Diabetes Greeting Cards. Yes, for real.

Here in glorious 2014, there’s a whole LOT of stuff for diabetes that I wish I’d had around as a kid: My CGM for one, my tubeless insulin pump for another. And oh yeah –rapid-acting insulin would have really made a difference during those cupcake-fueled slumber parties circa sixth grade.
One thing I know for sure was missing were the right words to say from concerned friends and family members upon my diagnosis. There was a lot of muddled “I’m sorry to hear that” and “Will she be ok?” type of commentary. But really, all you want to hear when you’re diagnosed is that this disease sucks, but it will not change who you are as a person, and yes, you are going to be totally fine.
Other people in this wide world of diabetes wished they’d had this resource as well, namely my new friends Nene Adams and Corrie Kuipers who have been designing greeting cards for people with diabetes.

Yes, that’s right folks, we’ve got our own genre tucked under the “Get Well Feel Better” section of cards (side notes: interesting they file this under “get well” (because you can’t), but I guess where the heck do you put it? Under sympathy? Like, sorry your pancreas died, glad you’re still here? That might not fly. Anyways.) My personal favorite features a robot with a nod to the fact that those of us on pumps are a little bit more bionic than your average bear 🙂
I am so pleased to have Nene Adams and her partner Corrie Kuipers showcasing their cool cards here today,  which you can purchase here. Thanks for what you are doing Nene and Corrie! We could all use a little encouragement with this disease now and again.

My name is Nene Adams and I’m a Type II diabetic. My partner, Corrie Kuipers, and I have been designing and selling greeting cards (http://www.greetingcarduniverse.com/corrieweb) since 2007. Three years ago during an illness, I received a diabetes diagnosis. While researching the disease, I was surprised to find very few greeting cards for diabetics, especially children and teenagers. According to the Greeting Card 1American Diabetes Association, 25.8 million adults and children in the U.S. have diabetes. Corrie and I felt the need to create positive greeting cards addressing issues like insulin pumps, body image, lifestyle changes, feelings of isolation and other concerns.
We invited other uniquely talented artists – Doreen Erhardt, Sharon Fernleaf and Betsy Bush – to join us and make one of a kind greeting cards for people with diabetes.
Doreen Erhardt – http://www.greetingcarduniverse.com/SalonOfArt

Betsy Bush – http://www.greetingcarduniverse.com/dragonfiregraphics

Sharon Fernleaf – http://www.greetingcarduniverse.com/SFernleafDesigns

If there’s a child or teenager (or adult) who’s been recently diagnosed with Type I or Type II diabetes in your life, send them a “hug in the mail.” A little encouragement and a colorful greeting card will go a long way toward making them feel better about themselves.

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Thank you so much for having us Alexis. I really loved reading your thoughts on our new card line and I’m so glad to hear that we are right on track.


Hi Alexis, Thank you for the kudos and feature on our special collection of cards. Understand Get Well / Feel Better may not be the perfect category for these cards, the same goes for the special collection of cards for Amputees, imagine that! However it serves as a very broad catchall for many different health related support cards. Thank you again!
Mindy Rosso
GreetingCardUniverse Community Manager

Alexis, Thank you so much for featuring our greeting cards. I am sorry they weren’t available to you as a child but I am glad that so many kids now will have the chance to receive a fun little boost they may need! We really appreciate your efforts to put the word out!
Betsy Bush

Mindy, Betsy, and Doreen – it was a pleasure to have you here on the blog! Absolutely love the cards, and I appreciate so much what you are doing for people with diabetes!

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