Ancient Remedy.

It’s one of the worst feelings in the world to find yourself somewhere going low and going fast, with nary a carb in sight. We’ve all been there – it’s the walk around the block with the dog where you figured “I’ll just be out for a few minutes.” Or it’s the work trip where you packed extra lancets  (like you’ll ever need those…who changes lancets?!) but didn’t think to throw an extra GU pack in your luggage for unexpected hypos. In the latter scenario you find yourself standing in front of a vending machine at 11:45pm hoping it accepts five dollar bills for the last Snickers bar inside so you can have it in your hotel room, just in case.

It is for this reason I keep my super top-secret, ultra-last-resort, I-hope-to-god-I-don’t-ever-actually-have-to-use-these treats tucked in my work bag. It is for those “oh crap” moments when you are headed for a low and forgot to replenish your main stash at the worst possible time. My personal last resort is comprised of two rolls of four-year-old Smarties, and two absolultey ancient sugar packets that may have coagulated into solid bricks at this point.

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I don’t care what those taste like though, because in a pinch, those antiques could still save my life, so there they shall stay, slowly mumifying in my work bag until the day I actually have to use them.

Do you have a top-secret low stash, only to be used for emergencies and when all else fails? Leave a comment and let us know if so! (If only to make me feel better about my gross old candy!)

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Of course – and it varies by location:

In my golf bag (I really don’t golf very often any more) is a jar of hard candy balls that I would have to chisel out a chunk of to actually eat as they’ve melted and solidified into a giant chunk of…I’m not really sure what to call it.

In my car, in addition to the glucose tabs that I actually use sometimes, is a similarly solid bag that contains what was at one time sour lemon balls.

In a small pouch that I take bike riding I have some of those smarties you mentioned.

These are all things that I never actually use – as I don’t think I’ve ever forgotten to take something a lot “fresher” on those bike rides or to the golf course.

Tom – type I for 35 years and counting

I used to maintain a super-secret-eleventh-hour-point-of-no-return-ultra-last-resort roll of lifesavers that I carried with me everywhere. You know what? It was a very bad idea. You see, for me, I had the feeling that the stash was sanctified and only if in the most dire of emergencies should I use it. And in fact there were two occasions – one while on a flight into SFO and the other while on a walk – where I should have used my stash but I didn’t because I didn’t want it gone in case there was an even bigger emergency a couple minutes later (yeah, reasoning isn’t a strong suit while you’re BG plummets south of 60). In both cases I ended up OK but just barely. And after the 2nd time it happened I proceeded to throw out my stash. Why? Because a stash that is held onto forever is as good as not having one.

Now I regularly replace my stash with a new roll every couple of months. Most of the time the roll’s outer wrapper has faded and torn, and the roll itself has broken in two from being carried around every day for two months. But more importantly my attitude towards it has changed. They are now just another in the long list of replaceable resources that I go through being Type 1. And consequently I feel no hesitation in using it if I need to – and yeah, I’ve used it a couple times over the last four years. Also, at home I have 2 boxes of the lifesaver rolls and when I finish the first box and go to the 2nd I order a couple more.

John – Type 1 for 43 years and counting

I have a keychain that holds 4 glucose tabs. It looks like a contact lense holder. I think they have been in there for about 3 years now. They are definitely my last-resort, got-nothin-else glucose source.

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