This is why.

This, people. This right here. This is the answer to every time someone tells me that they don’t want to wear something on their body. This is the answer when they say that fighting their insurance company to get this covered is just too hard. This is the answer when doctors tell me that their patients are doing just fine on finger sticks alone. This is the reason why everyone on insulin – Type 1, Type 2, Type whatever – EVERYONE on insulin should have access to a CGM.

Because a finger stick cannot tell you the speed and direction of your blood sugar and a CGM can. I don’t care if you think they aren’t accurate (they are). I don’t care if you think “this technology hasn’t been perfected yet” (it has, if you’re using it right). Everyone can see from this picture that a bad thing was about to happen.

I got in to a rental car in Spokane, Washington, about to drive 80 miles through deserted farm land at sunset on a one-lane highway to a small town. And I looked at my CGM and I saw this:

photo (3)




And because I saw that, I knew I had to eat something so that 15 minutes later I didn’t (literally) crash and burn.

If you don’t think CGM can help you make better decisions with diabetes, this is what I’m talking about. And if your insurance won’t pay for it appeal, appeal, and appeal again. Enlist your doctor to help you fight. Do whatever you can. Because this right here is serious. This is the whole picture and it actually might be the thing that saves your life.

Ok, stepping off the soapbox now. Thanks for listening.


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I’m looking forward to knowing my blood glucose level direction because I am getting my first insulin pump on Thursday (the Medtronic MiniMed 530g with CGM)! I’m also looking forward to being able to give myself much more precise boluses and adjusting my basal rate for unexpected exercise (and expected).

*grumbles* *moans*

I want one! Damnation! And yet our insurance companies still decline each and everyone one of them and the patient has to fight their way through court for them.

It’s great when we can use CGM to help us avoid distaster BEFORE it happens, rather than to alert us WHEN it’s happening. Great take on the tech!

Amen, sister!

Reminds me of the time I was driving at night alone on the Bay Bridge and glanced at my CGM on my dashboard–55 and falling….I pulled over as soon as I could after I got off the bridge and went to buy food.


Your picture is worth a thousand words.

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