Guest Post: TrialReach demystifies Clinical Trial Access

I can’t tell you the number of times a reader, a patient I meet at work, or someone totally random asks me “Hey, do you know of any clinical trials going on right now for diabetes?” And usually, my answer is **shoulder shrug.**

And then this dude Mat reached out to me and all of that changed. Mat (which is short for Mateusz ) works at TrialReach, which as their website puts it:  “At TrialReach our goal is to make clinical trials faster, simpler, and more focused on patient needs. We are working to facilitate the vital connections needed between patients and research teams because it is through this collaboration that progress can be achieved.”

And they deliver on this goal. Just two clicks on their website gives you a list of clinical trials pertinent to the disease state you choose in the geographical area you desire – how’s that for easy? Mat has provided the following short guest post for today to explain what TrialReach does, how it works, and how you can get involved. For more information you can head to for more info. And, you are a blogger, please consider adding their widget to your webpage. Take it away Mat!

Clinical trials are critical to driving innovation in medicine. This is the only way to check whether a treatment or medical device is working or not. Unfortunately, alot about the clinical trial process is broken. One area is how information about trials is communicated. Most information available today is not only complex, but also fragmented. Doctors and hospitals are not helping, as the vast majority do not share the available options with their patients. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most trials never finish because they lack participants. As a result, a lot of life saving drugs either never leave the lab or it takes an average of 12 years for them to reach patients.

We want to change that. To do so, we’ve created the first open and free online platform for clinical trials. Our mission is to allow patients to access, understand and connect with clinical trials that are relevant to them. Any researcher can convert their trial information into a friendly format and distribute it to millions of patients for free. Forbes described what we are doing as democratizing clinical trials.

So far, we’ve teamed up with large health sites such as,, Everyday Health or Now we are looking for health bloggers to join our mission. Using our [widget], you can share information about ongoing clinical trials with your community and help speed up research. Together we can make a difference.

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I absolutely love this site!! I didn’t even realize it but there’s a closed loop study by Medtronic near my house, so I sent an email about it. I’m definitely spreading the word about this. Thank you for sharing!!

Cat P that’s so cool! I’m glad it helped you find a study near you 🙂

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