Wide Awake in Here…

After yesterday’s downer of a post, I thought I’d share the upside of getting a dilated eye exam. You can take super-awkward selfies of your dilated pupils while waiting for the doctor to come in. This look is somewhere between appearing a bit, um, high (and I don’t mean in the blood sugar sense) and doing an impression of an anime character, with those wide, glossy eyes that are almost all pupil. Hey, I had to do something to pass the time. Don’t act like you don’t do this too….

photo (2)

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Love it!! Alexis Yuno lookalike. Or is it “Twilight”?!? 😎

What I do is put those cheap sunglass inserts into my glasses and do an embarrassingly bad Ray Charles impersonation– given that I am a musician.

I can’t believe how much some stereotypes are true. I did not even consider taking a fun selfie so far – because my doctor told me to keep my eyes closed, so the pupils would actually dilate. So of course I did. Because why would I openly defy (and you have to imagine all my bavarian ancestors rotating in their graves at the mere mention here) a doctors orders!

Next time, though, I shall be anarchistic and brave and do the same. For science! (to appease the ancestors) and fun!

Yes Floh! Keep your eyes open in the name of SCIENCE! We can start another blog called “Dilated Eye Selfies…”

nice looking lex 🙂

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