And there it is.

Just like that. Just when I had started to worry that maybe all the hard work wasn’t paying off. That I was spinning my wheels. That I was going to Crazy Town, correcting 150s and 152s and counting out those exact 15 carbs for lows and trying every app in existence to get my carb counts better and tweaking my basals and suffering the lows because of it. Just when I thought “I can’t try any harder…” there it was. The elusive, mystical, fantastic number I’d been looking for:








It took three months (and six Southeast Asian countries) to go from a 6.3% to an 8.1%. It took almost one full year (11 months and one week) to get back under 7%. Finally.

Hell. Yeah.

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Great Job!! Congrats!!

Great job! I’m sure your new “wintry” location vs San Diego has been a big challenge exercise-wise. I can never motivate myself to go to a gym. Also… Insider tip: look into the benefits of a Dexcom… They are the greatest CGM on the market, and I know of a great rep in your area 😉

Great job! COngratulations! What do you usually do to improve your A1C?

Congrats! I hope to see those great numbers on my chart one day!!

Congratulations! Also … Jealous! Also .. is the next goal sub-6 now?

Congratulations! I’ve been on the same mission for quite some time and it’s really a glorious feeling when you get the result you’ve been working so hard for. Keep up the good work 🙂

Thanks for the support guys! It’s been quite the challenge to get here. And no, my next goal is not sub-6! But I would shoot for under 6.5 🙂

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