It’s in the notes. All official-like.

One cool thing about my new endo’s office is that they do chart notes electronically and hand them to you right before you walk out the door from your visit with the doctor (I am sure these are not her complete notes, but they cover what you talked about with her and items for follow up, which is cool). Being a new patient, I had provided my last several chart notes from visits with my San Diego endo, and those included my last A1c that came in a at a disappointing 7.2%. And because “controlled diabetes” is defined by having an A1c under 7%, I saw this at the bottom of my chart:


Yikes. It’s hard to see that. It’s hard to see that when it comes to cold, hard numbers, I’m in that category. Uncontrolled. Like I’m running wild through the forest yelling “Can’t NOBODY hold down this diabetes! It’s uncontrolled! Yeeee haaaaaaaw!”

Except that I’m not. Quite the opposite in fact. I’m busy carb counting. And bolusing. And correcting. And basal tweaking. And doing everything in my power to get that changed to “controlled Type 1” again. I have confidence I’m almost there- back under 7% and feeling like myself again. I totally get why they have to put that on there. It’s diagnostic criteria and it’s also true: by ADA standards I’m not considered in control if you looked at my last A1c. But it’s still tough to see right there on the chart, defining where I stand right now.

As a side note, how hilarious is it to see “You were diagnosed with Type 1…” like it happened yesterday and not 21 years ago? No wonder I’ve been feeling funny…must be my recent diagnosis of the ‘betes! πŸ™‚


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I’ve always wondered about that on all the printouts my endo gives me. BUT, she still puts uncontrolled even though my last A1C was 5.9. I told a fellow T1D friend about this and she said that hers ALWAYS says uncontrolled no matter what her A1C is. Take heart, our diabetes is always going to be considered running amok πŸ™‚

I’ve heard that sometimes they put “uncontrolled” because it leads to better insurance coverage. Like if you’ve got it all under control, you don’t need the CGM or extra daily test strips anymore. Like “controlled” means your diabetes is going into remission or something.

Don’t ask me to explain…

Scott that’s a good call. I went on CGM when I was at a 6.2% and it was a BEAST trying to get coverage while in good control. Makes literally no sense. Diabetes in remission is a hilarious concept btw.

Oh noes. According to those rules my diabetes is feral, too! I think someone will need to put it down πŸ™‚

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