Yep, we’re gonna work out just fine.

Shaking handsShe was awesome. She was about 10 years older than I am, but she’d spent those 10 years in med school and residency. We made some small talk – she’s into cycling too and loves living near the mountains. She has two kids of her own and knows how it is to be too busy for your own good sometimes. She listened thoughtfully to what I had to say, and let me explain everything that I needed in this relationship if we decided to move forward. She agreed to my expectations, and did me one better by recommending some others that could be part of the team. Yep, I think we’re gonna get along just fine.

If the last paragraph sounds like a first date, that’s because that’s how it feels when you meet a new doctor. I had an appointment with my new endo on Friday, and I’m stoked to say that it went incredibly well. I had been nervous before hand because when I had called to make the appointment the nurse wasn’t sure if I should bring my CGM because she didn’t know what that was (OMG!). But not only did this doctor know what CGM was, she downloaded it and my pump and used the reports to show me that I really am going low too often in the early morning hours, among other “trouble spots”. She then suggested I make some tiny tweaks in my basal rates and then she picked up my OmniPod controller right then and there and casually said “do you mind if I just do that right now?” Hell yeah.

No mam, I don’t mind, and in fact I was quite impressed. Working in the industry that I do, I am very aware of the fact that while I’m an expert in the product that I sell, the docs and CDEs who see us have to know how to use ALL of the pumps and CGM systems on the market – and that’s a lot of buttons/steps/report downloads/software/alarms to remember how to use. She flipped through my controller in two seconds and had those basals adjusted before I could say “euglycemia.” Amazing.

We also talked about the fact that Jacob and I want to start a family in the not-too-distant future and she didn’t bat an eye. In fact, she looked right at me and said “I have every ounce of confidence that you can and will have a healthy baby one day.” She did encourage me to get my A1c down in the low sixes before we started that whole project, but she also applauded me for my efforts up to that point and encouraged me to keep up the good work, all the while acknowledging the fact that this IS truly is hard work. She totally gets it. Plus, she sent over my Humalog prescription to my pharmacy before I even left the room, and got me scheduled with an eye doc for my annual dilated exam. How’s that for efficiency?

It is such a relief to find a great endocrinologist right off the bat. It’s something I had been putting off until we were truly settled here in Oregon, and having this nailed down is a major part of me feeling like I belong here. I saw my previous endo for 12 years. I’ve cried in his office over breakups, and boot legged sample insulin out of his office when I didn’t have insurance. We have history, man.

But I can already tell that this new doctor is the right fit for the next chapter of my life – one that involves some major milestones. And I couldn’t be happier about finding the right person for that role!



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Wow, she sounds great!

So awesome!! I, too, just found a new endo. Here’s hoping we both continue to have excellent experiences with this new endo 🙂

Glad you found a good one!!

Your description makes me think it’s likely we have the same endo, and if so, I very much agree that she’s awesome. And if not, how wonderful is that, that there are at least two in the area!

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