That moment when…

…you realize you have four more days of you business trip left and you only packed a sum total of one-fourth of a bottle of Humalog. Sure, there’s your emergency “spare” bottle (an Apidra bottle that expired a month ago that’s definatley been stored in some too high or too low temps while in your luggage), but who really wants to go there? Though I technically have enough insulin to fill my next pod tomorrow night and make it all the way home on Saturday, I don’t have wiggle room for a broken insulin pod or worse, dropping and breaking the glass vial (which did indeed happen in Mexico once- yikes! That’s another post though…)

My back up plan? Well, let’s just say it’s a good thing I’m from San Diego and while I’m here, I have several friends with diabetes I can call as well as my endocrinologist (and his sample stash) just up the street, if it really came down to it. But that doesn’t take into account an emergency in the middle of the night, or in the middle of important trainings and meetings I’m here for this week. Between this and last week’s on-the-road lack of preparedness, my usual Eagle-Scout level of safety is slipping, to say the least. Although I know this is a function of me having way too much on my plate right now as I tackle my new job, it’s still no excuse for not being prepared. Diabetes: the most annoying full-time job you never wanted…with a never-ending to-do list and things to remember.



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Definitely. The analogy I use is I am Clark Kent and Superman at the same time without a phone booth.

I live in San Diego and have plenty of insulin to spare if you run into a problem 🙂

I once again am amazed by other countries 🙂

I take it your moderate panic level means you cannot just go into a pharmacy, say “I ran out of Insulin, I need some now for this pump which is attached to me, look!” and .. err… buy some?

Floh: It’s even worse than that. I remember getting insulin in a vial after using a pen for a long time. I not only have to have a prescription for insulin, I ALSO have to have a prescription for syringes. Which begs the question, how do they imagine I’m going to use it without syringes–a sippy straw?!!

Sometimes the world is confusing and overly bureaucratic. And I’m from Germany – we basically copied it best off the Swiss. Bureaucracy, that is….

I think we need a prescription as well – because there are cases of misuse by weirdo bodybuilder types. However, I’ve never seen a pharmacy which wasn’t run by someone human, who’d quite happily sell me some insulin and accept that I’d send them the prescription later, when I had a chance to pick one up. I must look trustworthy … or maybe I’m just the total opposite of a bodybuilder shape 🙂

Hi Lexie – If you find yourself in need of insulin and that certain PA is not available, give me a call or shoot me an email and I’m happy to help out.

Hope you’re loving Portland and congrats on Dexcom!

Would love to email you Alexis!

So you never have to worry about breaking an insulin bottle again, I use these . They are fantastic. Nothing fancy, just the protection needed for insulin vials not to mention cheap!

I also live in San Diego and have plenty of extra insulin if you need a bottle!

You guys are seriously so awesome! Thank you to everyone for offering up all the help that you have, you are (literally) lifesavers. I managed to squeek by with just enough!

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