Full-time challenges.

desk chairNow that I’m back working full time, I was reminded last week what it really means for your blood sugars when you sit in a chair…for 12 hours a day…in meetings. Hint: it ain’t pretty folks.

I lead a generally active life, even in my work. As a sales rep, you’re constantly in and out of the car, popping in to offices and walking around to get in touch with your customers. Even on days when I have long drive I know that eventually I’ll be out and about. But when it comes time for the national group of reps to come together and have our annual meeting, the total paces during the day are often comprised of walking to the meeting rooms from your hotel room and back again 12 hours later after a full day of presentations and meetings. Combine that with the fact that meetings are often full of non-diabetes friendly foods and you have a receipe for running high the better part of the day.

This stark of a drop in activity has always been an issue for me. I start to see a rise in my overall BGs as early as the end of one day like this, and it often continues throught the meeting until I have at least 30 minutes of exercise that seems to break the cycle. In a perfect world, I’d have the time and energy to get up before the meetings and work out, but when you need to be somewhere fully dressed and presentable by 7am and don’t stop until midnight or later, sleep has a higher premium than exercise for me.

As I jump right back in to a busy career, I will be adjusting my diabetes management. Workouts have been pushed to the early mornings again and both days of the weekend. I’ll be spending hours in the car and on the road with this new role, and I’ll be making a concerted effort to go jogging in some new towns in places of Washington state and Oregon that I’ve never heard of until now. And I’ll have to plan ahead with healthy snacks and meals lest I get caught on a deserted stretch of highway where the next restaurant is a McDonald’s in 30 miles. I’ve never been a fast food eater and I won’t start now.

Ultimately, life on the road as a rep simply takes more planning. And I am determined to get this A1c down to below seven, where I was just one year ago before we left for Asia.

Anyone want to go running in Yakima Tuesday night! If you know where that is, you’re already ahead of me 🙂

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Oh man, you’re heading out to Yakima??? Ooph… That’s on the other side of the mountains!
Any time you’re close to Seattle, feel free to give me a shout! Would love to see you again.
And if you figure out how to get in some exercise while sitting for HOURS every day, share them. I’m having difficulty with that myself.

Chair exercises – Go for it!! http://tinyurl.com/cq6e3su

The advantages of being a lazy toad 🙂

I have two basal rates – one for weekdays (where I fit my cycling in mornings and evenings and thus consider them “active” days) and one for weekends (which I shall call “recovery days” and stick to that label).

The weekend rates are 10% higher during the day and identical at night, which serves me well for up to a week of inactivity. After that I tend to need to increase more (or find the way to rent a moutain bike somewhere and get my legs muddy). Those worked okay for a week of training last autumn (except when I made time on the stationary bike and had the low of lows after forgetting to lower … ah well… you get the idea).

Oh do I know the feeling. Since switching from a field-job to a desk-job, my BGs have climbed and so have my insulin needs. Part of me thinks I should go back to field work, but I can’t come to grips with the idea of diabetes dictating my profession.

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