Type Tanks: Pockets are rad. Always.

With a blog named “I Run on Insulin,” you’d better believe I’m always happy to test out a new product for people with diabetes that like to get their fitness on. So when a company called “Type Tanks” generously sent me one their workout tops specially built for people with diabetes, I put it on the first chance I got to take it for a test run, complete with all my d-gear.

First impressions upon handling this tank top? Daaaaaang this thing is PREMIUM. This top is made with a moisture-wicking, high quality fabric that I usually only find in the fancy-pants running stores. I guess that’s part of the reason the price point, which is the only negative for me, is so high. At $59 a pop, these tanks are not cheap. However, with all the features they have and the premium materials they’ve used, it feels like a top-of-the-line product and that’s what Nike and Lululemon and others would charge too SO I can’t really complain about the price.

First of all, let’s get to the important stuff: It’s nice looking. You could actually get away with wearing this to the gym and then throwing a sweater over it with some jeans and feel good about it. This is a plus for someone like me often works out on Saturday morning and doesn’t really change much until about 5pm when it’s time for happy hour.

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Second, the features of this top are very conducive to helping with all the crap we carry around with us.  There are right and left side zip pockets that also contain a little hole to feed insulin pump tubing through. In my case, I put the pod controller in one pocket and my CGM in the other, but very cool to have to option for tubing (or headphone, I suppose).

But where shall I put my trusty GU pack that comes running with me always, you ask? Well, there’s a little pocket sewn in to the sports bra part of the top (in case it’s not apparent by now, they are currently only making women’s shirts). So yeah, you’d have to do that awkward reach-down-your-shirt thing if you needed your GU while running but if I get low 5 miles from home with five more to go, I’m really not concerned about what I look like while fixing it. Stare away.

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The pockets in the back are a tremendous advantage for pumpers, especially those that use a tubed pump. However the fact that they are on the back of the shirt is the challenge for CGM. Folks using CGM will want to have it where they can see it, such as on a belt with a clear window to easily click in and see numbers, especially on longer runs. For a shorter run though, I’d be fine to put my CGM in the back zip pocket, because it would vibrate if I went out of range, prompting me to stop and evaluate.

That being said, being an athlete with diabetes means I usually don’t ever have enough pockets for everything, so I welcome a beautiful product like this that allows me to carry things in more places. Maybe you put your pump in one back pocket, keys in the other. Or Shot Blocks for longer runs. The options are endless and as the old adage says “With diabetes, more pockets are better…” or something like that, right?

Overall, I think this is a premium, beautifully designed product for people with diabetes who are athletes and struggle with all the crap we carry. For more information on Type Tanks, check their website here.

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Hey! Random question, but the logbook that you use, is that one that I could download the template? I’m trying to find a logbook that has more than just ‘before/after’ meal slots…I need a spot for everything! lol Thanks!! 🙂

It is unfortunate- I actually co-designed the tank top with Caitlin Graham, owner of type tanks. I have been a type 1 diabetic for 24 years and she used me to create the design and then cut me out of the business. She really doesn’t have regard for people living with the disease. It is amazing product, I just wish that she was an equally nice person.

I just ordered one for my daughter. I noticed they have currently lowered the price to $40.

Èla prima volta che intervengo e sono sinceramente felice.
Gran bel lavoro.

Link is no longer valid :-/

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