Voodoo is right.

I don’t have a whole lot to say right now since we’ve had a week of good friends visiting, family in town, and a whole lotta Christmas cheer (and also Christmas movies. Those are my favorites). That, and the fact that I’m pretty sure 90% of you out there are taking this week off anyways – and maybe next week too all the way through the new year! Posts will be light over the next two weeks as I continue to make merry with my out-of-towners and my now-local family that I gained through marriage. But there’s one activity I wanted to make sure you were all aware of, and that would be our recent visit to this place:


It’s called Voodoo donuts and they are indeed working some black magic in there. Yes, that is a Fruit Loops-covered donut you see in the case as well as one covered in Oreo cookies, one dressed with caramel frosting and bacon, and don’t forget the peanut butter and Rice Krispie situation that we also ordered! Wow.

Voodoo Donuts is a Portland institution and I can now happily say that I checked the box and made my rounds there. Six units of Humalog later and I was still cruising in the 300s for a few hours due to the sugar shock. Safe to say I won’t be a repeat customer there, but I’m glad I tried it once. I’m pretty sure there was steam coming off my CGM as it tried to keep up!


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Voodoo doughnuts is after my time, but my favorite place to go for a celebration was Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor. They now have locations in So Cal, but none of the ones in Oregon are still around. It was where all the kids had their birthday parties (at least once) and featured the huge sundae called “The Zoo” and “Pig’s Trough,” which you were required to eat without a spoon. (Just stick your snout in and go).

We once had a few guys have a pig’s trough eating competition. One of the guys got a bloody nose while eating it. The other guy looked over and said, “Hey, he got more strawberry sauce than I did!!”

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