Diabetic Dabs: Why weren’t these around when I was a kid?

I’m always amazed by how far diabetes technology has come. From my CGM to my pump, to the fact that we have rDNA insulin that starts working in just five minutes, things done changed since I was diagnosed as a kid in 1992. But even with all the fancy stuff we have available today, I’m always impressed when something super simple, yet incredibly helpful comes along. These are the products that make you go DUH that’s exactly what I needed!

I had the pleasure of test driving just such a product. When I was a kid, I remember being told upon my diagnosis that I should wash my hands before every finger stick, as well as clean the finger with an alcohol swab, and then use the swab again after I was done testing to clean up any excess blood.

Yeah right. That advice went out the window about five tests in. I’d stab the least-grubby finger after hours on the playground, squeeze out a sample, and either stick that finger in my mouth to stop the bleeding or wipe it on my jeans. Now as an adult, I can proudly say I don’t wipe it on my jeans – or my work slacks – anymore, but I am totally guilty of licking off the remaining blood, wiping it on my test kit, or using a (paper) restaurant  napkin, which is gross for someone else to have to see. All around, it’s not sanitary, but who wants to carry a test kit full of spotty, bloody, half-used Kleenex? Ew.

Then a genius sent me these:

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They’re called Diabetic Dabs and they were developed by Liz Sacco, a mom of four boys including David, who has diabetes. Her story goes like this:

While helping David with his blood glucose tests, Liz realized there was a constant struggle to find a clean and easy way for her son to wipe off the excess blood from his finger, and prevent him from wiping the blood on his pants. Two years later, Liz developed Diabetic Dabs.Diabetic Dabs are non-toxic, highly absorbent sheets that are designed to fit conveniently into any blood glucose testing kit. With Diabetic Dabs, David’s daily testing process got easier, and his clothes stayed blood-free”

The Dabs are small and easy to stash in your purse, testing kit, or like I did: right on the back of your OmniPod meter (using the adhesive back). The sheets work exactly as described – they’re absorbent and easy to use. Yo u just tear off a sheet and wipe off your finger. It’s like a teeny, tiny paper towel made for finger-sticks. And it sure beats sucking on your finger in the middle of a business dinner, or wiping blood on your pants for that matter. These would make a great stocking stuffer for your favorite person with diabetes and just to sweeten the deal even more (every pun intended), Liz donates a portion of her net profits to diabetes research.

Love it when I find something so simple but so helpful. Get some here.

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