November is paying off!

For My Personal Diabetes Awareness Month of November, I pledged to focus in on my diabetes management and really work on fine tuning in an effort to get my A1c down below that coveted 7%. And I’m so happy that when I checked my meter average the other day, this is what I saw:












My 60-day logs show an average BG of 155 mg/dL which translates roughly to an A1c of exactly 7%. This is what I was hoping for given my renewed focus. And because it’s only a 60-day average, I still have another full month to make sure I get it down just a little bit more to settle in right under 7. Plus, I absolutely love seeing that nearly three-fourths of my BGs are falling in to range now (which is set at 70-180mg/dL. There’s very few lows too which is good because we all know that lows can be one of the first things that lead us to the Glucoaster ride, and that’s never a good feeling.

The only thing I was surprised to see was that it’s showing an average of only one reading a day. I know that I have to calibrate my CGM at least twice a day, so how can that be? Well, the past two months do include one pump break where I switched meters to my small, more portable Freestyle Lite, so I am sure there’s no data for those few days which would bring down my average from two to one testย  a day.

Still though, I’m clearly not checking with fingersticks often enough, and this indicates I’m letting my CGM do all the work, which is something I need be better about. I think I’ve become so confident in my CGMs accuracy, I’ve gotten a bit lazy with the regular old finger-stick!

Checking my meter average wasย  a good way to A) boost my confidence because it shows my hard work is paying off and B) taught me a lesson by showing me I need to check on my meter more. Isn’t great when we actually put all our fancy tools to work? 7%, I’m coming for ya!

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I’m jealous. Of several things, actually.

1) I’m trying to get a CGM thingy one of these years, but our health care system is different. I wantses one. It’s going to be my precioussss. But no luck there.

2) Your lowest and highest recorded values. Mine are more altering between 30ish and 450ish in the last 60 days. See Number 1, I suppose.

3) Your target values. I somehow suspect setting mine to 90-110 means that a lot of my results are out of spec (no, really?!), but my pump corrects weirdly when I allow higher values.

The only highlight. All bouncing aside, my own quest for 7.0 or less seems to be similarily on track. Average of 148 mg/dl for the last 60 days. But let’s not talk about standard deviation ๐Ÿ™‚

Floh – how does it work for where you are in getting a CGM? Has anyone been successful in obtaining one?

PS – I should set my target range way lower because of said pump interpretation…but then I’d be so far out of percentage in range! ๐Ÿ™‚

Apparently in the Germany legislation on the CGM isn’t clear yet. Which means health insurers typically decline all requests, unless the are fought in court, are of the private (or not mandatory) health insurance type or the need can be proven.

That last point is my straw. I intend to make them see reason.

Unfortunately the “rules” aren’t clear yet and change from insurance company to insurance company. I’ve read somewhere previously that in Israel only two hospital visits at below 50mg/dl were needed to get one – wish it was that easy ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh .. you could always pay for them yourself, I suppose. Yet the cost is slightly more than I can comfortable pay (heh… I wish it was different, but the lottery wins elude me).

My 31 day average (max range for my pump) is 109 for the CGMS and 119 for the finger sticks, 8 per day. Last A1c was 6.6. Thought you would like to know. Basal/bolus ratio is 49/51, which I consider to be an important number. Hard target to hit over the holidays. Good luck!

I think Flo misunderstood your Target Values comment. For a CGMS, the target range is for the alarms (BG too high or too low). For a pump, the Target range is for bolus calculations ( a little more or less insulin). The two ranges are not usual set the same. My CGMS range is 70-140, but my pump target is set to 90.

Yikes Floh that’s tough! There are always pros and cons to every type of insurance situation and non of them are perfect. I’ll let you know if I win the lottery this holiday season, I’d be happy to send you some of my winnings for a CGM:P

Nice A1c Mike! Boom!

I was a little disappointed actually. “Strive for 6.5” is the slogan that I live for. My doctor says that I am too ambitious.

Do you meal bolus based on the number on your cgm rather than a meter? Just wondering since our gal is wanting a cgm so all things cgm are on my mind. Happy New Year!

I tend to bolus based on the CGM. I don’t use my pump calculator because I find there are too many variables in play for it to be that helpful. That could also be me being too snobby for technology though. ๐Ÿ™‚

Lexie seems to trust her CGM more than I do mine. I almost always use a finger stick for meal boluses and calibrate my CGM at the same time.

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