Is there anything better than this number?

Something about that perfect, beautiful,  100mg/dL gives me the warm fuzzies all over. It’s perfectly in range, and such a pretty, round, glorious number. Every time this pops up on a meter, I can’t help but smile and give myself a big ‘ole pat on the back. It’s the number we’re told to shoot for since the day we’re diagnosed. And almost 21 years later, it’s still the number that makes me the happiest. It’s the blood sugar equivalent of a home run, and I love me a good 100.



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I love a perfect 100 too for all of the same reasons, but have recently changed my pump’s target value to 90 for a little extra bolus insulin. Does anyone else use a non-100 target number?

Your post made me smile even before I read it- 100 makes me so happy, even if it’s not my own!

Best number to bring a smile!

So how difficult would it be to program the meters to display a smiley face under 100?!?!?! Or a gold star?!?! :)

Mike I have tried before to use a target of 90 and I don’t stick to it – I am sure I use 100 because it’s the easiest (if I’m not using the calculation features on my pump that is – i.e. just guesstimating.)

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