If you’ve never heard of Taking Control of your Diabetes, or TCOYD for short, then you need to look them up now. TCOYD is an organization dedicated to helping people live better with diabetes, and I happen to know the founder. He is an endocrinologist in San Diego and was a long time customer of mine but even longer-standing friend. What he’s done for the nationwide diabetes community is amazing and inspiring. His TCOYD Conventions can be found in major cities across America, but the biggest one is in his hometown of San Diego, and last weekend’s event sounded like it was the best program yet. I was truly sad to miss it for the first time in five years. Beyond the seminars led by leading endos and CDE’s are product fairs, performances, and motivaitonal speakers. But more than anything, there are thousands of people with diabetes under the same roof, all coming together to make living with this disease better.

A friend of mine, Rich Poser, who I know from the Tour de Cure San Diego and several miles on the road bikes together had this awesome quote and photo that summed up the day:

“For every convention, meeting or training session we’ve been to where you can’t find one packet of sweetener in the pile of sugar at the coffee station, here was the choice at the Take Care of Your Diabetes convention:












The self-serve beverages at the breaks were unsweetened iced tea and Crystal Light lemonade.  The lunch nutritional info was in the program.  Being in the same hall as a few thousand diabetics, gave me the distinct message WE ARE NOT ALONE!!!”

Well said Rich. It’s moments like that which make us realize that we can do this. Together.

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I was there with Rich at the sugar-free coffee condiment section. This my first time to TCOYD event and I was very impressed. One of the many things that I learned is that the average A1c of real diabetics is 7.7 in my age group. This means that less than 50% meet the ADA goal of less than 7.0%. Made me appreciate just how hard and relentless disease this is.

Mike that’s a sobering fact. It reminds me to be realistic in my goals as well. I’m most comfortable under 6.5% but I need to not beat myself up when I’m under 7. That’s a good place to be!

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