Secret Honey Packs.

When I was in New Jersey a few weeks ago for a speaking engagement, I packed my “professional-looking warmest coat,” which I had not worn in at least a year (hey, it never really got that cold in San Diego…or that professional for that matter). I dressed for dinner on that Sunday night and pulled on the coat as my final step. I slipped my hands in the pockets and found…a honey packet?

secret honey pax

The honey was a near-solid brick of sugar at this point, having spent the day in the icy luggage-hold of my east-bound plane and my luggage had not warmed up enough yet to unfreeze the honey. I couldn’t recall where the packet was from. Its design looked familiar and I’m sure it was from the coffee station at some well-loved restaurant but I didn’t know which one.

Wherever the origin of this packet, it’s presence was so funny to me. I don’t eat honey or put it in my coffee. I only use honey for one reason, and that’s to treat a low. Wherever I was on that day that I pocketed the honey I must have A.) been at risk for and/or worried about a low and B.) not had any of my trusty GU packs or glucose tablets on hand to treat said possible low. So I did what any responsible person with diabetes would do. I stole a honey packet and tucked it away for later. Way later in this case.

I was probably annoyed I hadn’t packed any quick-acting sugar, and reminding myself to replenish my stash when I got home. I’m sure I was doing something fun because I was planning ahead to treat a low so I wouldn’t have to stop what I was doing. It’s funny how a little honey packet made my mind wander and wonder what I was doing that day.

Also, these are the good kind of diabetes surprises. The bad kind are when you open the dryer and realize you left a GU pack in your running pants. And it melted. And is now all over the dryer. And your clothes. Oy.


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I always find sugar packs in my purses! Although I never use it to treat a low, I think I feel safer ‘collecting’ them 🙂

That’s totally it Joana! You hope you never have to use them, but they are there as the ultimate back up.

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