You work that diabetes, girl.

I found this video floating around Facebook and it is too hilarious not to share. I absolutely love her way of explaining WHY these things sound ridiculous, and her little side-cuts and illustrations (“goblet full of diabetes” has to be the funniest phrase ever). She nails the explanations of why these statements don’t make any sense when you really think about them and she does it with humor, which is the best way to get people to pay attention in my opinion. The only thing I’d change is the title, because I don’t think the things people say are “dumb,” just maybe “uninformed.” People (usually) don’t say these things because they’re trying to be mean or they’re not intelligent, its just that maybe they don’t know anyone with diabetes. Or perhaps it’s the media’s ridiculous portrayal of our disease that serves as their only education about living with diabetes. Whatever the reason, you’re going to laugh your ass off at this video. Nicely done girl! You can check out her YouTube channel for more diabetes-related videos, or videos about her day job which is being a make-up artist and body painter. “You work that diabetes girl!”


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Thanks for sharing this video! I hadn’t seen it before.

I think she is awsome!

Kewl video. Thanx.

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