Working on my (foot) fitness.

photo (37)Look, I know I’m not the best when it comes to being on top of my foot care as a person with diabetes. I get pedicures, I run in toe-shoes, and I grew up surfing and chilling barefoot at the beach. But after feedback from several readers debating the merits of “recommended” foot care for diabetes, I’ve been trying to be better. So when Gold Toe socks sent me a pair of their new SoleUtion socks for sensitive feet in honor of November being Diabetes Awareness Month, I gamely pledged to test-drive ‘em. And also, I don’t live in San Diego anymore and henceforth can’t wear Rainbows flip flops to everything. Which means, I’m gonna need more socks for this winter!

Gold Toe is a popular brand of socks already, but the SoleUtion socks are specifically designed to be what the company calls “non-binding” (i.e. allowing for proper circulation). The socks have reversed toe seams for comfort, moisture control properties to keep your feet drier, cushioned soles, and are made with something called “Freshcare” to control odor-causing bacteria (which sadly, I’m really in need of. The rest of me smells great, I promise!)

When I lived in San Diego, I had so few socks that during the colder months I found myself dipping in to my husband’s work sock stash to find a pair. I don’t have a lot of sock-buying experience, which makes all these features on the Gold Toe pair feel like I’m wearing the Cadillac of socks – and I like that because I immediately feel like I’m doing more for my diabetic feet in one second than I have in 20 years just by slipping these on.

On the practical side, these socks are incredibly comfy and breathable. They worked under sneakers but also with a pair of tighter boots. Plus, they come in two colors and several styles if you want to get all crazy with it.  You can get a pair here if you’d like to try them yourself.

The fact that I’m taking a step towards better foot care just by slipping on these socks is the true benefit here. The socks being super-comfy and warm is the added bonus! Thanks for the helpful push in the right direction Gold Toe!


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I’m from the Northwest myself, so the time and place that many budget-conscious people go for socks is Freddy’s (Fred Meyer) at their 50% off sock sale. It’s usually the day after Thanksgiving, if you’re willing and able to get up in the morning after such an exhausting meal.

I’ve been a diabetic for less than five years so my priority is making sure I’ve got enough warm socks and enough athletic socks to keep my feet happy for a year.

The Northwest doesn’t get as cold as it used to in the Winter, but it is still possible that it could get sub-freezing (the 20s) for up to a couple of weeks. A warm hat, gloves and scarf are essential and go for layers instead of one big insulated coat because weather can change quickly around here.

Thanks for the tips Tim, I couldn’t agree more about the layering effect needed here. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone out dressed for rain and wind only to have the sun pop out an hour later. Layers are the way to go around here!

I’ve always followed the no barefoot rule to avoid underfoot cuts – even on the beach I wear sandals or kayak slippers. I find that for long hikes toe socks prevent the between toe blisters. And the softer the better 🙂

It’s important when you have Diabetes to manage your feet, and remember check them every day for problems, try and avoid injuries by wearing good socks/shoes and have regular visits to a doctor!

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