Straight Creepin’.

I put my Omnipods through a lot. I sweat on them in the gym and out running, I do sit-ups on ’em, toss and turn through my sleep. Most of the time, they hold up incredibly well. But ever since I got the new smaller pods, I’ve had several do this weird creep-up thing with the adhesive that ends up forcing the pod to detach and/or causing an occlusion as the cannula pulls out, rendering it useless and making me change sites. It always looks like this when I pull it off.

photo 2









It’s happened about three times since I started the new pods which was only a month and a half ago. Anyone else having this weird adhesive creep-up on the new pods? Or is it just me over here, the girl in the gym who’s sweating like a linebacker five minutes into the warm up?

I’m so lady-like!

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I’ve never been a fan of the adhesives used on the OmniPods. Ever since I sweated a couple of them right off my body (cycling 40 miles in Texas 90 degree heat will do that) I’ve been using some adhesive aids. Currently I’ve using Skin Tac and it seems to do the job well. I prepare by new pod site by thoroughly cleaning with rubbing alcohol, then I put the Skin Tac on and use a blow dryer for 20 seconds to make sure it’s completely set up, then I put the primed pod on and it stays very well for 3 days regardless of how much I sweat and move.

JPE – I used Skin Tac years ago and to be honest, completely forgot about it because I didn’t have trouble with the pod adhesive. Good call on revisiting this, I’m going to try that again – thanks for the reminder. And yes, 40 miles in 90 degree Texas heat…that’ll do it!

It’s not just you, there is definitely something different about the adhesive on the new pods. My supply company sends me SurePrep wipes, which are kind of like SkinTac “lite” but seem to do the trick.

that would drive me to absolute insanity.

sorry i’m no help – I don’t pump and have never used the omnipod.
However, I am just as “lady-like” and start sweating like a mo’fo 5 minutes into any workout. I thought it was just me…

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