Best low-carb swap ever.

My biggest food weakness is easily macaroni and cheese. I love the stuff so much that every year on my birthday, I go to my stepmom’s restaurant and order the “pasta al forno” which is a dish of penne pasta with gorgonzola, bacon, Parmesan and leaks baked in the wood-fired oven. I like the gourmet kind, but I’m also a huge fan of the good old blue-box Kraft brand. ┬áMac and cheese is my favorite comfort food, but because it makes my blood sugars so…uncomfortable, I rarely eat it.

I’m always on the hunt to find ways to replace my favorite carbs with low-carb choices and I discovered spaghetti squash a few years ago. You might remember it from this post, in which I explained how to cook the gourds so you get pasta-like strings that have a consistency that satisfies. Jacob and I made a round of his famous ground-turkey red sauce and squash for dinner on Thursday night and we had tons of leftover spaghetti squash strands in the fridge on Friday.

And then it hit me:

photo_1[1] photo_2[1] photo_3[1]


YEP. I totally did that. I used the cheese sauce from a Kraft mac and cheese, combined it with milk and butter and my squash “noodles” and made the cheesiest, creamiest, most delicious low-carb lunch ever. Nothing will ever truly be the real thing without pasta, but this came pretty close and definitely satisfied on a cold Oregon afternoon. And I just saved the the noodles for a day when I’m not around and Jacob wants to go carb crazy.


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You are brilliant!!! I just had a >300 post meal spike from that very same blue box of macaroni goodness…and I thought to myself “why do I continue to eat this when I know that I’m gonna be high every time?” Oh b/c it’s so good. Great idea with spaghetti squash!

Taylor I go through the same thing! It’s my favorite food, so I eat it as a treat, end up with a 300 and miserable and asking why I did that to myself. Try the squash, you’ll love it. Same cheesy creamy goodness at least!

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